I have a workgroup computer but need to access server folders on a domain

I use my laptop outside of the office at work, however sometimes I need to come into the office to get access to shared network drives. We have a batch file for enabling the drives but when I run them I get an error.

Batch File -->

@echo off

echo Deleting network drives, please wait...
net use * /d /y

echo Mapping X Drive, please wait...
net use x: \\hq.autocab.com\public\files autocab2010 /USER:HQAUTOCAB\user.name

echo Mapping S Drive, please wait...
net use s: \\hq.autocab.com\public\software

echo Mapping M Drive, please wait
net use m: \\hq.autocab.com\public\mapping

echo Renaming mapped drives, please wait...
call "c:\scripts\rename.vbs"

:echo Renaming Drive Letters, please wait ...
:call "\\hq.autocab.com\public\scripts\remap.vbs"

Error -->
System error 1231 has occured. The network location cannot be reached

then pop up-->

Windows Script Host
Script: c:\scripts\rename.vbs
Line: 4
Char: 1
Error: Object required: 'oShell.NameSpace(...)'
Code: 800A01A8
Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

I can ping the IP address of the server but cannot access it even when trying the \\ etc from run command prompt.

Any ideas?

Colin Black.
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  1. Forget the batch file for now. What happens when you try to map a drive manually?
    I take it the laptop is on the same network as the server holding the files you need.
    Right-click My Computer, go to Map Drive.
    put in the folder path.
    Click on "Connect using a different user name"
    User would be domainname\username and put in the password.
    Does that work?
  2. The server is on a work based domain, my laptop is not part of the domain as I spend most of my time outside of the office. Therefore I am trying to stay in the workgroup rather than joining the domain.

    I will try the 'Connect using a different user name' approach and see what happens.

  3. You don't need to be part of the domain, but you do need to be on the same network, either connected directly to the office network or outside through VPN.

    You probably also need to use the full domain name of the server including .domain.org or .com, but you look to be doing that already.
  4. Do you not have any IT support at work? Surely your network people are best placed to solve this for you.
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