Change displayed capacity of flash drive?

I bought an 8 GB drive from a supplier in Hong Kong on ebay recently - turns out it fills up at 3.44 GB. Appears that it's a 4GB drive and has been modified so that windows thinks it's got a 7.79 GB capacity. I don't care too much - it was still a good deal and the seller has agreed to refund some of the money. But it is annoying that if you try to write 5 GB to it, you don't get an alert or anything. Instead it goes ahead, in the process corrupting old data as new data is written.

Can I perform the same hack that made it this way and undo this, so that it's displayed capacity is it's real capacity? Reformatting doesn't help, and switching from FAT32 to NTFS produces a "Format Failed" message after a little while.


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  1. FAT has a limit on the size of a single file, and a limit on the number of root files/folders; reformat it to NTFS and try again.
  2. I filled it with desktop-sized bitmaps, and it corrupted after like 600 of them (at 3.44 GB). And like I said, I can't get it to format to NTFS.
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