My ICH temperature is 80*c at idle

I have Intel core2Duo 6600 2.4ghz/ Intel DG965WH Motherboard
1 gb 667mhz transcend Ram/360gb hd.

Idle Load

Processor temp is (Power saver)45*c / 48*c
Processor temp (high performance)48 / 63*c
Motherboard temp - 40*c /44
" " Temp - 45*c /47
I/O Controller Hub(ICH) Temp - 77*c /80
Memory Controller hub - 46*c /46*c

All other temperatures are normal but my ICH temp is around 80*c all the time. Is this normal?The max temp set by default is 110*c.Wont the chip get burnt out at this temp?
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  1. & my room temp is around 35*c
  2. I had same problem, running at 71 deg C. I clipped a small fan on the ICH heatsink and now its running at 56 deg C
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