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ok, my motherboard crashed in my tower, it is only 3 years old, and has a great hard drive. i bought another tower from a thrift store, it's up to date, but doesn't have near the memory my old one has. how complicated would it be to just switch them out?
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  1. Add the ram or the harddrive? If you don't even realize the difference between what I wrote, DON'T attempt to do anything. As manic said, we need a lot more details before we can attempt to help you.
  2. to the Original poster, memory and storage are two different things. Memory refers to RAM while storage space refers to the Hard Disk Drive.

    I am assuming since you post is labeled "Hard Drives" that's your asking how hard will it be to replace the hard drive in the new machine with the one from you old one.

    First you would have to compare the motherboards, if they feature a similiar chipset (note this does NOT mean processor/cpu) then there shouldn't be much of a problem.

    I would recommend that you simply add the hard drive to the new machine.
  3. Just hook the old HD up as the slave to the new one.
    If you try it as the master, you'll probably have to reinstall the OS.
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