How Do I Install The Sims?

how do i install the sims life stories to my pc when i put the disk into the computer it doesn't do anything.
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  1. No Autorun.inf eh? The nerve of those guys. :pfff:

    This is a blind-test answer and may not be factual in the least:

    Right-Click the Start button, select Explore, Expand "My Computer", click on your CD drive, look in the right-pane of Explorer and see the program named "Setup" or "Install" and double-click it.

    If neither of the above are there, look for "autorun.inf" and double-click it. There you will see an entry named "open=xxxx" where xxxx is the path and name of the initial setup program. Go there and double-click the file Autorun should have started.

    Someone else may own that game and can tell you with absolute accuracy what to do, but I'm offering a quick sugestion since nobody else is here right now. (hopefully they're out getting donuts).
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