Which BIOS for DS3R (rev 2.1)?

I have a DS3R ver. 2.1 (displayed on mobo box). I went to the Gigabyte website and on that specific support page (for DS3R ver. 2.1), the BIOS versions illustrated are F10, F11 and F12f (a beta).

I have a two part question:

1) Which BIOS should I use? Is the F12f bios safe enough yet or is there any issues? I suppose the best choices are F11 or the F12f beta.

2) When I boot up my computer, the screen displays P35-DS3R F2. F2?!? Isn't this the very first BIOS put out for the DS3R board? Why is it displaying this on a rev. 2.1 board? Am I missing something here? Do all the revisions start at F2 and you have to update/flash them to whatever one you choose? I'm confused. I thought the revisions '2.0' and below started at F2. Also, this is not a typo, the bios on the screen shows F2. On the box, it is definitely ver. 2.1.

Please explain if you know or realize/recognize what's going on?

Should I just update my bios to F11 or F12f and not be concerned?

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  1. im with f12f and working fine for me..but i cant remember the first bios i had.
  2. Why are you updating the bios?
  3. Hello, I have no reason to update the bios and I didn't so far.

    But, I haven't read anyone who owns this mobo having an F2 bios even with it being the default. On the Gigabyte website, it isn't even listed as the 'first' or default bios so I was wondering what's going on.

    Is that a good answer?
  4. Assuming you have the (E)P35-DS3R, Bios F3E is the most recent available for this board (I have the same one). You must be looking at a different revision or board.
    F11 bios is only for the DS3R rev 1.0/2.0 boards, not the 2.1 boards.
    I'm running bios F3E quite happily on my EP35-DS3R with a substantial overclock on FSB/processor.
  5. I just discovered the latest EP35 version is F3e (march 2008), but the straight P35 is up to F12 released July 10, 2008.

    P35-DS3R bios link:
    EP35-DS3R bios link:
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