ati x1550 fan replacement

my pci express 512mb ati_x1550 fan has stopped working, where I can find a fan replacement
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  1. If it's still under warranty, then send it back and have them send you a new card. If not, that's a bit more difficult. Replacement fans for stock coolers are hard to find, and even if you find it, hard to install. A new aftermarket cooler (fan+heatsink) isn't really worth the price for a slow x1550. :p
  2. thak you for the help
  3. You can try calling the manufacturer. But they're unlikely to be of any help, since x1550 has long been discontinued.
  4. Just glue/hack/slash an 80mm fan on there.

    Take the cover off (if there is one) and away you go...
  5. Heck you might not even need the fan if your case has good enough cooling. Just monitor it with a software tool
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