Improving Architecture Rig for RHINO, MAYA, 3DSTUDIO

to get down to the point, I am an architect student and have already posted a previous thread asking what's a good set up to improve efficiency when rendering my work. Due to the lack of answers and depleted funds, I decided to keep the rig that I have and work with what I have.

I only wanted to build a new computer because the rig that i have was too big and i wanted to make a mATX so I can transport it back and forth.

Now the programs that I use for 3-D is mainly Rhinoceros 4.0 and if anybody have use that program, it takes a very very long time to render your object depending on your rig.

here are my specs:
Quad 6600 @2.4(no overclock, g0 stepping)
4 gigs of ram( 4x1GB of A-DATA ram) no overclock
BFG 8800 GT

I'm quite sad that my time to render takes about the same time as a laptop that has weaker settings than mine. And even when I render and want to do something else like continue rendering, it lags. Is there anyway to improve my efficiency?
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  1. The major difference between a gaming card & a CAD card is that the 1st doesn't hold every in the environment in memory where as the latter does. The secondary difference is a gaming gpu is made for speed whereas a CAD gpu is made for precision.

    Browse through the benchmarks. See how a gaming card stacks up to a CAD card in terms of 3d rendering. You can find Quadro FX on ebay for cheap.

    2nd, I suggest you overclock the Kentsfield to 3ghz. It can be done on stock cooling.

    After these 2 tweaks, you should see an improvement in rendering time.
  2. I know theres a difference in performance from a gaming video card and a workstation video card.

    is there a a card that can do both? play games and yet render at the same time?

    cause before I did not know that and i thought having an 8800gt will be sufficient, but i guess not :(
  3. Hello again, Vyan...

    Remember that rendering is done in the CPU, not the graphics card. If your images and/or animations are jittery, that's probably not your card.

    This may sound weird, but in the past I have had good luck installing alternate drivers - particularly for a Quadro workstation card...

    I would Google it and see what I found. Installing an alternate driver can't hurt. If it doesn't work, you can always delete it and reinstall the stock one.
  4. hey Brian

    wait, youre suggesting to install a Quadro driver for the 8800gt?

    I mean, I have a quad core and 4 gigs of ram, that's not enough???

    it seriously lags right now when I am rendering.
  5. It dont look like rhino supports multiple cores so it could be you have more crap running in the background then the laptop or its CPU is faster clock or something.

    Rhino requirements are pretty low. Are you using Vista and the Laptop XP? That would make a difference. If your using vista you need Rhinos service pack.
  6. im using vista and i managed to get the service release 2.

    so it has low requirements, should i be running it fine than?
  7. ^You should be running fine with the specs mentioned. But, back in the Beta days Vista did have problems with Rhino and SolidWorks. Also are you running Vista/XP x86 or X64?
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