I want to use three hard drives

i want to use three hard drives
1 VelociRaptor 150 gb for windows 7 / games
2 1TB drives running Linux for movies/internet browsing and other multimedia
my basic questions are, is this possible and if i get any windows viruses while i am useing the TB drives will they transfer to the VelociRaptor HD?
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  1. I would be more worried about getting a virus on the windows drive. Linux, if done right, is pretty much immune to viruses.
    As for using all 3 drives together, yes you can.
  2. yeah, you just need to check of your motherboard can support 3 HDDs and if you have a good enough PSU.
    but generaly speaking, yes.
  3. i would drop the velociraptor and either get 3x1TB Western Digital Black or 2xWestern Digital Black and an intel SSD

    the velociraptor will not be much faster then a Western Digital Black
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