Please post your 9600 gt sli or 9800 gtx benchmarks!!


Am building my new rig and am confused in getting the GPU for my rig which i have been discussing here at

and want to thank for all those who replied there and also advance thanks for people posting their benchmarks here. Please go through that thread once and post your suggestions there and your benchmarks here or anyway as u wish. So here it is which is best 9600 gt sli or 9800 gtx for the below resolutions

2>1280*1024 and
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  1. Forget sli, its a complete waste. And im not being bitter, ive been using it since it came out with 6800 ultras. Just get a 9800GTX or a 8800gtx ( which ever one is cheaper ).
  2. for those resolutions get like an 8800 gts...

    you honestly don't need sli for that resolution and a GTX won't use all of its potential at such a low res... you may argue with that statement all you want, its a fact
  3. Quote:
    for those resolutions get like an 8800 gts...

    you honestly don't need sli for that resolution and a GTX won't use all of its potential at such a low res... you may argue with that statement all you want, its a fact

    8800gts = 9800gtx
  4. I think 1440x900 is the bare minimum to utilize SLI. I have 9600GT SLI and am getting around 12,500 at stock speeds on 3dmark 06 default settings. Not as fast as I had hoped but in line for the cards. Its an increase of about 20% over my previous card which was an 8800GTS 640mb.
  5. At 14x9 resolutions I'd just stick with at least the 8800gts (g92) GPU. This will save you $ on the mobo/PSU/GPU of your build. This $ saved could be used to upgrade current parts or later when you want to upgrade the GPU to the latest in 12-18 mo. It's up to you, but a solid p35/x38 mobo with the e8400 or the q6600/q6700 will do you for quite some time. If you do some encoding the quads will help out in most cases, especially if you OC them.
  6. Try to benchmark at 1680x1050 or 1920x1080/1200 for the usage of upcoming 1 to 2 years with bigger monitor (eg 24" or 30" Monitor). Go with 9800GTX to invest the usage of coming year while 9600GT SLI won't, work with Intel Qaud core CPU a bit overclocked at 3GHZ will get around 13K 3DMark06 score at resolution 1920x1200. 9600GT SLI is too power consumption but less than 1.5 times of single 9600GT performed.
  7. Hi guys, just few hours before i enquired about the prices(in chennai, India all including taxes) and here are they

    XFX 680i LT SLI --> 9880 ( 247$)
    XFX 680i SLI --> 11440 ( 286$)
    XFX 780i SLI --> 15080 ( 377 $)
    Any brand factory settings 9600 GT --> 11000 (275$)
    Any brand factory settings 8800 GT --> 13000 (325$)
    Any brand factory settings 9800 GTX --> 20000 ( 500 $)

    Interestingly the shop person said 8800 gts 512 supply has been stopped and last time when i saw the price was around 19000 (475$)

    Didnt get the Intel's X38 mobo price but i hope its around the 680i sli mark (280-300 $)

    So which combination u guys feel will help me play games (atleast 80% of games)at good fps >50 fps till 2009 end

    1> X38 and 9800 gtx (800$)
    2> 680 sli and 9600 gt sli (830$)
    3> 780 sli and 9600 gt sli (925$)
    4> 780 sli and 8800 gt sli (1025$)
    or any other combination

    Am sorry for bugging u guys reg the mobo and gpu for a while but i just want to make a good investment as it has been a long time since i played games at high settings!!!!

    Planning to get the rig before May 15....
  8. I would get

    Gigabyte p35 mobo, cheap, fast, great overclocker
    E2180 overclock to 3.0ghz or more, which is all you need for games..
    8800gt, graphics card are going to get a big increase in power in the few months imo, so dont go spending big on a 9800gtx
    4gb 800mhz ram
  9. I've got a EVGA 780i mb,
    q9450 @3.4Ghz,
    and 9800gtx @stock
    4gb corsair ddr2 6400

    It get's 16500 in 3dmark06, that's at the shareware resolution which I think is 1024X786.

    I haven't bought the registered version to check at 1920X1080.

    I have ran crysis, exodus, at all high settings with no AA, and got 13-20FPS @ 1920X1080

    My temps are good on cpu(low 50s) gpu(60s, fan bug).
  10. Hi guys and sorry guys for once again bugging you but i bet this will be the last bug. Now i feel i can go for a bigger upgrade next year with the nehlam processors and geforce 10 series as after going through many reviews i find 8800 gt to be awesome and once again sorry if i am wasting your time as ppl here have already told to go with 8800 gt, anyways thanks for your replies.

    So here is my config(will get it next week as i got occupied for this weekend)
    CPU --> E8400
    GPU --> 8800 gt
    Mobo --> ??
    Psu -- >??

    I request you guys to give your suggestions to my below questions...

    1> Which is the cheapest mobo that can utilise the full capacity of E8400 and 8800 gt, i mean no bottlenecks. Please keep in mind that i will be going for DDR2 800 Mhz RAM so please suggest a good one and main thing is i am planning to spend less than 7000 rupees for the mobo or close to that.
    For E8400, i found the following from Intel site
    Please suggest a good mobo

    2> What PSU to run this config and have to decided to do next upgrade next year by this time or when 8800 gt cant handle games at good fps. BTW i wont do any upgrades till next year which means no more GPUs or other components so please tell a good PSU
    Budget --> 5000 - 7000
    3> I hope 8800 gt is a good card compared to 9600 gt as i read in one site that 9600 gt could beat 8800 gt when new drivers comes out. Currently here in India 9600 gt is around 2000 less than 8800 gt so i dont want to become a fool in another 3-4 months or when nvidia update the drivers
    4> Any suggesstions on Razer diamond mice
    5> i have Sony dru810 dvd (IDE) dvd writer and i use it very rarely and also a CD writer. Should i go for a new SATA dvd writer or can my mobo occupy my old IDE drive (does new mobo have IDE connectors)
    6> A good cabinet please

    It would be nice if people could reply to my post by giving their suggestions as
    1> ...
    2> ...

    or any way u wish... thanks!!!!!!!!
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