No Power. Not power supply & not CPU fan.

SL my computer shut down totally and will not power up at all. I thought it was my power supply again…(its brand new) and we (boyfriend and I) took it back to where I bought it for them to test it. They said it works. Put it in my boyfriends computer and it works. Ok….now….then one of my cables to my cpu fan was not in all the way… I replaced that. Got a brand new one. And I just bought my Motherboard and processor 3/22. Now…….after changing the cpu fan and knowing the power supply is working…it still don’t power up. I have no money to take it anywhere and I was thinking maybe you would have an idea on what could be the problem. I have asked two different ppl and one thinks its my motherboard and one thinks is my processor.

Now I do have a case where at the front there is a fan that the black wire to it came out and is broken. Do you think this is the problem for it not powering up?

Help me please….if anyone can.

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  1. First check that the case is plugged into the motherboard correctly. Seems simple, but with a new motherboard it could be the problem.

    You can also plug the reset button (if you have one) into the spot for the power button, to check if the one is broken.

    Start simple before worrying about DOA parts.
  2. Try and take everything out of the case and assemble your computer on a piece of cardboard and see if it powers on. that will eliminate a grounding problem.
  3. oh ok...I can try that when i get home. Do you think it could be the processor at all? Or could be that one wire from the front of the case causing that?

  4. If there is a broken power cable (e.g. to that front fan; not clear what came out or from where) somewhere that is shorted, then the PSU either won't turn on or it will shut itself off immediately.
    Is this system home-built? Please list your parts, that may help, and may eliminate irrelevant questions, such as "When you installed the motherboard, did you use the little cylindrical standoffs between it and the case, or did you screw it right to the case?"
    You say it shut down; this implies that at some point it was working. If so, what were you doing when it shut down? Gaming, or just typing an email, or nothing at all?
    Any burning smells anywhere?
    Does it power on at all, even for a few seconds? Does the PSU fan even twitch when you power it on?
  5. I will try that also. thanks boonality.
  6. Jtt283 I was playing a game when it shut off. it does power on for 2 sec and thats it. and yes the PSU fan does twitch. right now i am working so i dont have my computer in front of me.
  7. Perhaps there is a short or an overload somewhere. What PSU do you have, and what else is in your system?
    Maybe it works in your boyfriend's system because his uses less power.
    Two seconds is a bit too short, but if it is more like 4-5 seconds, it is also possible that your mobo power switch has shorted. The test for that is to disconnect the switch and try to turn your PC on by momentarily shorting the mobo power switch pins with a screwdriver. If it stays on, there's the problem. If not, then turn the PSU switch off, and unplug everything but the minimum to run. Power on and try again. If that works, either one of the disconnected devices is defective, or all of those things together are overloading your PSU. Before experimenting a lot with a potential overload (which might damage something), tell us more about your PSU and the rest of your parts. Is anything overclocked?
  8. MB=Elite Group Nforce G6
    Processor = AMD Dual Core 5600
    Video Card = GeForce 8600 GT

    I have no idea about overclocking. I will ask my boyfriend, He is the one trying to fix this for me. Somethings I know and some i dont. Overclocking is one lol.
  9. What is the brand, model, and wattage of the power supply?
  10. no idea why everyone seems to want to jump to the conclusion that its the power supply when the power supply was taken to a shop and tested, and it works in her boyfriends computer. Not like you even use close to full power when you first power it on.

    But i will give you the typical tomshardware response:
    "your powersupply isnt a top tier powersupply. Buy a new one."
  11. Thermaltake 430W
  12. Ok. Here's what we found. Boyfriend and I took everything out of the old case and stuck in a different case. We discovered that on the bottom of the Motherboard there was coke spilled on it. Still same problem in the same case. Pretty sure its the motherboard???? And how do i check to see if the processor is still good?

    thanks :)
  13. A coke spilled on it...and no one noticed?
    If the processor works in a new motherboard, it's ok.

    No one concluded anything, helo. She could have had a 250W psu for all we knew, or a Powmax, so we asked.
  14. if no power of ur computer..u take this my say to u?plz reset ur comp. of cpu and sort up the cpu and then u back again the cpu?ok..and switch again ur computer?
  15. ur bitch
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