Overclocking nvidia geforce 6200

um does anyone know how to overclock nvidia geforce 6200? PCI
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  1. im taking that u guys dont know how after 2 days lol. but is there any program? or trick do i need to specify my system specs?
  2. Download nTune i had one and you can just oc it to the max dont do step by step just go ahead and put it up to the max.
  3. Other O.C software: Rivatuner
  4. thanks you for replying. ntune makes me crash after playing call of duty 4 for 2 minutes and i have to restart my comp cause i cant exit the game. wat should i do?
  5. What you should do is not overclock a video card like a 6200 because you will overheat it and anyways you wont see any performance advantages, if performance there is...
  6. yea i have notice i overclocked it but i see no difference. so wat do i do to make cod4 stop crashing. uninstall ntune? or something else
  7. yo man lol they told you to blow your card out is what they did, you cant put those programs more then 10% to 20% depending on brand and and stuff plus you have to change voltage some times in order for it to work right tempure for cpu speed omfg you guys screwed this guy and broke his card for telling him to do that just mean. sorry man that hapend to ya :(
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