Switching language from chinese to english

Hello, what clicks do i have to make to do this
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  1. Start>settings>control panel>Regional and Language Options>Regional Options>(In "Select an item to match its preferences, or click Customize to choose your own formats") click the drop down arrow and select "English (United States)" or whatever region you choose.

    Now, click the Languages tab. If English is not showing in the textbox, click Details, Click Add, Click Input Language, and select English (United States) or whatever, and then click the top checkbox and click the dropdown arrow and select United States Dvorak and click ok.

    Now click the Advanced tab. The drop-down box should say, or be set to English (United States)

    The bottom checkbox must be checked, (Apply all settings to the current user account.....etc.)

    Click OK and re-boot.

    Note: I have language packs installed,so I hope you actually see everything I said.
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