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I have a Asus P5Q Pro, and I need a CPU cooler/heatsink for this Motherboard.
I've been researching and figured out that Thermalright ULTRA120 Extreme could fit in with my Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2,83GHz, but I'm afraid that my motherboard will be terminated of the weight if almost 0,8 kg...

Will my motherboard stand the weight of the Thermalright ULTRA120 Extreme? or should I go for another CPU cooler/heatsink?
- Any suggestions will make this issue easier...

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  1. Get a Xigmatek HDT-S1283 with the retention bracket

    Almost as good as the TRUE, and it already includes a fan. Cheaper too.

    To answer your question - the TRUE will work fine with the P5Q Pro. If you're going to LAN parties any good cooler will put your MB at risk - the good ones are all big and heavy.
  2. So you don't recommend it?
  3. I only recommend it if you're looking for extremely high clocks and money is no object. It's a great cooler, second only to the NH-U12P IMO, but the cost is too high, especially if you add $20 and shipping for a good fan.

    The Xigmatek weighs only 660g (including the fan), costs less than the TRUE/SFF21F combo, and does almost as well in noise and temps. I think it's a better choice for most people.
  4. I have a P5Q-E board with a 120 extreme/with back plate on it. The board holds it fine.
  5. Does the "back plate" come with 120 eXtreme or do I have to buy it separate? And I've also heard about a typical issue for this cooler, that a silicon "washer" is missing:

    Could some Thermalright ULTRA120 Extremes still be defective?
  6. To be honest I don't remember a washer being in mine, but I just can't be sure. I can tell you that after I seated everything and tighten the spring screws, the cooler was tight. I could , with a little force, move it to make sure it was seated squarely over the CPU but it was not loose.

    After reading that post you showed, I am gonna check it when I get home.

    I don't think anything is wrong with it though, because I have a OC of 3.2 on my Q6600 and under a 24hr run of Prime95 on small fft's my temps never reach 60. From memory (which I make no claim of) my temps were in the mid 40's on the cores and 52-54 on Tcase.

    I got mine on a special and the bracket came with it. Under normal circumstances , I guess it would matter where you bought it as to wheather the bracket comes with it or not.
  7. Mine didn't have the washer on it and it moves pretty easily, I tried a large metal washer but it fit too tight for my liking, so I'm going to find a fire retardant rubber/plastic washer that fits a bit better. I would think a rubber washer would be best, that way you can compress it a bit and get a tight hold, but I've heard metal washers have been the most successful thus far.
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