EPoX website barren, 9NDA3I drivers needed.

I am without the factory disk containing chipset drivers, etc. (bought used from a friend) for my EP-9NDA3I. EPoX seems to have gone under, and their website no longer hosts any drivers for my board (Yet, they continue to host graphics and information about it). I have sent a few emails yet to receive a reply, and their phone numbers are disconnected or go unanswered.

This really isn't the kind of customer support I expected from EPoX, even if they are having a rough time. I used two of their boards in the past, one which was RMA'd and recapped for ~20 dollars.

Googling has led me to a lot of websites which simply mirror www.epox.com.tw (offline) and collect ad revenue.

What do I do?!?
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  1. badge said:

    Here are the results of your query.

    Sorry, no files found.

    Like I said, they no longer host anything but fancy graphics.
  2. You should go to Nvida and do an nforce 250 search and dowload the chipset drivers there. If EPOx does not supply drivers for the MB utilities, you would not be able to use the built in utilities.
  3. Again, already been down that path. On the bright side, I have learned some Russian and found some old drivers on EPoX's still-up-for-some-reason Russian language website.


  4. At the moment, this is the only site I can find that has the Nforce 3 system driver download available. Russian drivers. Beware.

  5. Nvidia.com has the NF3 system driver located under 'legacy' on the drop down driver menu, but I can not access the page right now.

  6. Thanks badge, I just finished reformatting (I messed around with wonky drivers and didn't want to go through the effort of removing all of them as I was working from a clean slate anyways) and those Russian drivers from epox.ru seemed to work. I just started throwing country codes after epox.XX until I found one that still hosted the drivers, heh.
  7. For the record, Epox went belly up over a year ago. It's surprising that they left their site operational as long as they did.
  8. Really Epox never kept their drivers up to date and it was better to get them from the chipset manufacturer. The Nforce three drivers can be found under legacy drivers on the Nvidia site. Latest bios can be found at Supox http://www.supox.cn/download/home.php?board_name=9NDA3I&type=BIOS&page=1. Most likely can find drivers their also, the site linked is Chinese but their is an English site also just search Supox. Yeh English version does not have the board listed though???

    As I said though it is usually better to go to the manufacturer of the chipset be it network, audio, or board. They will have the latest drivers.

    Not sure the os you were using so I didn't do link to Nvidia.

    Unless the manufacturer has special drivers for board the latest ones will be found through the chipset manufacturer. Somtimes they have special drivers but not usually.

    See someone already pointed out the legacy drivers.

    Hopefully we will see the Supox boards come to the USA. I hope to anyway.
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