17 deg. celcius differential between hottest and coldest cores

Arctic Cooler 7 Pro
normal or a bad mount?
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  1. Make sure the HSF is seated properly. Also makesure the CPU is pretty flat and there isn't too much/little thermal compound on one side of CPU (as in left/right).
  2. If everything checks out, that not great, is it only one core that is showing hot, 2 cores?????
  3. Also what software are you using to report temps?
  4. its seated i triple checked when mobo was in my hands. i'm using hardware monitor. the paste comes already on the cooler so it's just the right amount completely even
  5. right now cores 38 35 33 48 idle

    43 47 42 57 @ 100% load
  6. Ok, HW Monitor is not the most accurate. Download RealTemp and/or calibrate SpeedFan acording to CompuTronix's C2D Temp guide.
  7. Thats a big difference for the last core and suggests:

    The base of the cooler may not be flat
    The base may have some material on it
    Or the grease is not evenly spread on the base
    Or the core is not seated flat in the socket
    Or the core is not flat itself
    Or the core has a manufacturing defect

    It is unlikely to be one of the last two ..

    Shutdown, remove the HSF, clean the base thoroughly with a brillo pad and check there are not pits on it ... you could give it a very light sand with a piece of very fine sandpaper. Make sure you then clean away any metal filings carefully.

    Clean the core carefully with a couple of cotton buds and some metho / alcohol or if it is the white silicon grease it will come off with no solvent.

    Get some arctic silver AS5 or similar quality cpu grease and reapply to the base of the HSF.

    Take out the cpu and then reseat it in the socket carefully.

    Replace the HSF on top and check the retention mechanism locks down firnly - I normally give it a wiggle after ... others say not to.

    Check everything is fine then fire it up and goto the bios and let it settle for a while and note the temps.

    Hope this helps.
  8. Reynod, do a simple test, try using different things on your computer like media player, CAD, movies etc and watch your cpu usage. If you find one core being used for a particular task well it'll gain some heat. All the quad's have this variable as the heat spread within the core structure isn't perfect. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  9. Not 17 degrees at idle ... thats not good.
    11 degrees between the hottest under load ... well?

    Can a few with quads throw their temps in this thread for a comparison?

    Mine is at work and I only have 6 lowly dual cores here at home ... oh ... and three singles ... poor things.

    I feel therefore ... n00bish <blush>

    This might help the OP
  10. Ok, checked the temps of one of my Q6600 at my uncle's place:

    Under Prime95 @ Stock:

  11. I only see a 3-5 degree celcius diffrence between my cores myself, unless one is just getting the hell used out of it, then ill see maybe 8-10 for just that one core.
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