HELP me to set my memory timings!and some other things

I have 2 GB of 800 Mhz kingston value ram.Cpu Z shows some very strange timings 6-6-6-31-24.I have an Asus P5N-D and a E8400 Oc'ed to 3.6GHZ with memory linked sync mode.This is my memory but with CL=6 not 5 I didn't find the specs for my memory they're no longer available on the kingston site.
What timigs should I use ,voltage and should I change some other settings in my bois? Cpu vcore =1.1875 ,NB=1,42,SB=1,60,HT=1,46.
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  1. If it's working with no errors, seems like there's no need to change anything. Also, please create only a single thread per topic.
  2. I have some strange slow downs in games when there is a lot of activity if you see what I mean.
  3. Have a look in CPU Z at the SPD tab and it will tell you the rams rated speed at different frequencies, You have your Fsb at 400 mhz which means you should have your ram running at its rated speed(1:1), Look in cpu z as i said and set the timings manually for 400Mhz(doubled in bios), leave the voltage at auto and only set manually the timings cpu z shows, leave the rest on auto, Those are sloppy timings you have there, you should be ok with 5 5 5 15 on stock voltage.
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