Raid 0 separate from hdd with vista business 64 installed

I want to create a RAID 0 array on two WD Caviar black 500gb hdds I bought.

My system drive is a SATA Hitachi 500gb with vista business 64 already installed on it.

My mobo is an ASUS p6t se; I went into the BIOS and set SATA as RAID, then configured the two WD hdds as a Raid volume in the Intel Matrix Storage utility.

I went to boot from my system drive but Vista would not start.

I went back into the BIOS and my hitachi drive has [RAID] next to it where I can choose my boot drives.

Although it's set as a NON-RAID drive in the Intel Matrix Storage utility, I think Windows thinks it's a RAID disk because I chose the option to have SATA set as RAID and all of my hdds are SATA.

Is there any way to specifically choose which SATA drives are recognized as RAID? I was wondering if it is because my drives are not formatting through Vista using the Disk Management Utility.

I want to use the RAID 0 for storgae only for video editing so I do not need the OS installed on them. Any help with figuring out how to get the RAID 0 array to work without affecting my system hdd would be great.
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  1. If you motherboard has 6 onboard SATA, sometimes only the first 4 are of RAID-type, the other two operate in AHCI mode, without RAID. If this is true, you should re-connect your HDDs so that your boot disk won't be on the "RAID enabled ports" on your motherboard.
  2. I believe that all 6 ports are considered SATA and are RAID capable on the mobo. I guess I can try to look up troubleshooting for the mobo or something because I have no idea what else to do.
  3. On most chipsets ports 1-4 are RAID-enabled, and the 5-6 ports are AHCI only. Sometimes these also have a different colour or placement on the motherboard. Check your manual to be certain.
  4. No biggie. Clean installed Vista in RAID setting. Already have most of the stuff I had before in about 2 hours including OS install, not too bad.
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