DVD drive does not play audio cd's correctly

Got myself an LG GH22NS30, ive already tried some games and moves in which it works fine. Thing is whenever I pop in an audio cd it always seems to get a dirty/damaged disk error in WMP and doesnt play in iTunes.

Like I said the drive is working just not with music cd's.

Ive already flashed and reinstalled the drivers a few times and switched the sata ports to no avail.

Any idea what the prob could be?
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  1. If you have already "cleaned" the lens on the unit with a commercially available "cleaning disc" and the problem is still present then I would believe that the CD laser / diode / circuit is malfunctioning. Replace the unit. They are cheap enough at around $30.00
  2. it's a different laser for dvd and cd playback. time for a new drive
  3. Ok please anyone help im really at a loss now

    I bought a new drive, connected it, popped in a cd, and got the same error.

    Ive already tried the cd's in my 360, ps3, and car and they work fine. So for some reason my drives arent reading cd's correctly. It cant be my drives because really, whats the chances of both giving the same exact error. So I am at a loss of whats going on. Anyone have an idea?

    It plays the first track and gives errors for every other one, for every cd ive tried.

    Both are SATA
  4. try using different software
  5. I am having the same problem. I have tried several audio CD's in the drive and they won't play longer than a min. I have played them in other players and they work fine. I replaced the drive thinking that was the problem but I get the same error.
  6. Did anyone ever figure out the problem with the audion cd's only playing a portion of the first track? I have the same problem and I have also replaced the CD/DVD burner and still get the same exact problem!?
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