A few question about CPUs

Hi, was hoping someone could give me some insight on CPUs. Just have a few questions.

What is the big difference between the Intel Centrino processor and an AMD TL-60 or 60 besides the brand and the processor speed. What makes one superior to the other and what are the advantages / disadvantages of each.

The new Centrinos run at 45 nms. What does the AMDs run at and why is 45 nms important?

Finally what is the big difference between pentium dual cores and intel core 2 duos.
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  1. Centrino isn't a CPU it's a marketing term for a combination of CPU, chipset and wireless network for notebook computers.

    Turion (AMD TL-60) is AMD's mobile CPU and is manufactured using a 90nm process. The newer Intel mobile chips are 45nm and there are a few advantages to buying a chip using a smaller process.

    Less heat/Consumes less energy- Smaller more efficient cores waste less energy as heat and take less power to do the same work.

    Cheaper - as performance increases the price actually decreases due to the chip taking up less of the wafer it was made on. Round silicon wafers are used to produce chips and those wafers are at a set price so if you can fit more chips on a wafer you can sell them for less.

    Increased speed - As transistors get smaller companies are able to fit more of them on a chip as well as having more room for cache.

    Pentium Dual Cores are really just the entry level Core 2 Duos with 1mb L2 cache and a 800Mhz FSB.
  2. ^ I couldnt have said it better myself.
  3. thank you very much
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