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Ok i have had a rough time trying to figure out which chip to go for and have made a choice for my budget of the e5200 but i have now come up against a wall as to which mother board,

nep 2

Gigabyte EP43-DS3l

all a bit to much so if someone can come up with a stable board that can handle overclocking this chip well and is not micro can you please post, looking around £45 also if you now a good graphic card for about £60 again let me now as this is all driving me mad thanks if you can
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  1. how dose this sound GigaByte P35-S3G LGA775, DDR2, SATA2, GBLan, 5.1Snd, ATX
  2. Yeh I am struggling too on my choice for a motherboard myself ...... thread resurrection but for a good cause .... I wanted a motherboard that was around $112 Canadian and have been trying to choose between various boards on NCIX as I have enough points for free shipping with them. The E5200 is a nice value I guess at $88 but coming up with a board for it that will help take advantage of what this oc'er has to offer has been tough to pin down especially in the price range I am looking at. I am beginning to wonder if I should just scrap this whole plan and go with a lesser cpu from AMD for around $70
  3. I'm thinking of doing a super cheep upgrade. It looks like the E5200 will do 266 FSB thats almost 3 gig without any volt increse so any board that will let you run it at 1066 will get you a lot for your money. I'm also looking at the AMD BE2350 at $37. It seems to clock up 2.8 or 2.9 so it's probly the best bang for my buck.
  4. If you can find an older Gigabyte 965P DS3 Rev3.3 it will let the e5200 roll after a F14 beta flash .. this board allows me 3.87Ghz @ 1240fsb 100% stable at 1.36v .. here is the cpu-z link for the settings.
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