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No CD/DVD error 39!

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July 2, 2009 4:17:52 PM

I have both a CD rom writer and a DVD/CD rom writer in a Dell Dimension E520. Both drives as well as the hard drive are Sata.

After removing numerous viruses, 14 instances and alot of spyware, 702 instances, and not being able to access either Device or a USB virtual Cd-Rom, I checked the device hadrware list and got yellow asterisks for them.

And when I try to remove(delete)/reinstall them I get an ERROR 39 message.

Error 39 relates to lower and upper filters in the registry!


After the above procedure and removing the devices that usually allows the return of CD/DVD rom devices.

Except in my case removing the registry entries deleting the cd rom and DVD rom and allowing the computer to restart and find them again gives the same error code 39!

If I open regedit and go to the 965 . . .

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE~SYSTEM~CurrentControlSet~Contro l~Class

. . . . location the filters have not reappeared but yet I still see the yellow asterisk for both CD rom and dvd drives.

Here's another twist, it wont even allow my San Disk mem stick to create a virtual Cd drive as most San Disk mem sticks wll attempt to do upon insertion to a usb port!

Is there another registry entry somewhere that I've missed?

Thanks Chris

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July 3, 2009 2:20:17 AM

I doubt it. May I suggest you just reformat and reinstall everything? Yes, not the most ideal situation, but those malware removers probably removed some important system files or settings when they did their thing, most likely because what they were removing practically took i
July 3, 2009 2:28:52 AM

ok thanks lavarin, also there's one other thing the ethernet port icon in the task tray says cable not connected !

The cat5 cable from my router works fine in two other machines thru an onboard port(machine 1) and a pci nic card(machine2)!

Somehow whatever it is, has disabled/blocked/firewalled the onboard ethernet intel 10/100 port, even though device manager says it's fine!

Which means no internet access and the prpoblem HAS to lie with the Dell as the cat5 brings inet to two other machines!

thanks again