Recovered From Disk Image: THE WRONG IMAGE!

Hi all,
so as I said, I was having some trouble with one of my drives,
so I used a disk image to recover it. However I mistook the disk for another and put my laptop partitions on my desktop.

I've been trying testdisk and photorec to get back some of the data I lost (my portfolio!). So far haven't had any luck.

photorec tells me there is no partition after going though its carve. Or the first time it found 8 files, but they were nothing I recognized and small.

testdisk goes all the way through and then tells me it can't access the drive even though it was working on it for like 5 hours.

What can I do next? Is there another level of carve or scan I can do with those tools or another?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Sorry I realize now that I've posted my question in the wrong forum.
    I'll put it up somewhere else
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