780i and Patriot Viper pc2-6400 problem

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I've read multiple threads in multiple places to find out numerous people are having this issue. It may be in part that the Patriot Viper RAM is "designed for 780i" but seems to be causing lots of issues.

Here is what i've learned so far.

People are buying this RAM thinking they can plug it in and go, which isn't the case(in my case anyway). For the ram that i have (2x2Gb Patriot Viper pc2-6400 800mhz 4-4-4-12 @ 2.2V) i had to go into the BIOS and actually change the speeds and voltage. I'm by no means an overclocker, but this was very easy to do. HOWEVER, i have also learned that BOTH sticks of ram will not work when they are BOTH installed. Each of them works just fine by themselves. It seems to be fairly common that people are thinking this ram is no good with the 780i, btu thats just not true(i don't think)

Here is my problem

As mentioned, I cannot get BOTH of the sticks of ram to work together. I'm assuming this is a voltage, speed, or BIOS issue with the RAM thats causing the big long "BEEEEEEP" when i try and boot up with both sticks. When i take one out, it works great.

Like i said i am by no means an overclocker so i thought i would get some advice before i go play with voltages and speeds on the ram. I'm 100% positive that this timing/voltage on the ram is the issue.

How would i go about stabilizing my ram so both sticks work?
I've heard updating the bios helps, but not sure yet, haven't tried it?
Has anyone else had this issue with these exact two products (system specs below)
Any overall thoughts?

other than both sticks not working at the same time im extremely happy with the system
sorry for the essay :D

-----SYSTEM SPECS-------

EVGA 780i mobo
Thermotake ToughPower 600W PSU
q9450 Quad Core CPU
Antec P180 Case
Zalman 9700 CPU cooler
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  1. 1. Don't know about your board, but some exotic ones have INDIVIDUAL voltage & latency settings for 2 channels of memory. If that's the case, you can try fine-tuning the settings. However, the best way to go about it is stick to the standard. Not the specs. i.e. 5-5-5-15@2.1v. Take my friend's 1066mhz ram for example. His mobo supports it, but not Windows. The stable setting for his build is 800mhz. Go figure. Yup, he's upped voltage to 2.1v.

    2. Def. maybe update the bios if it fixes memory issues.

    3. Maybe you can run the ram in non-dual-channel stable?
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