My hard disk drives not visible in Disk management!

I've got a prob in my PC. My internal hard disk drives are workin fine but nothin is
visible in my Disk management options.They were visible till date but all of a sudden
i'm facing this kind of prob. Plz help me solve my prob!
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  1. are they visible in bios
  2. i couldn get u,sorry!
    i tried checkin it by booting thru my windows Xp disk. all the drives are visible.
    It jus happened lik this yesterday..
    How to chk thru Bios?
    Can u plz help me?
  3. so you can only boot through a xp cd, does that mean you are seeing the drives at the "select a partition stage"

    does the computer boot up

    what is telling you the drives work

    what is telling you they don't

    what drives are they
  4. My Drives are working fine and also there s no prob in boot up.
    Everythin is fine.
    But when i get into Disk Management Settings thru my Administrative tools.
    Not even a single drive is detected there. Hope u understood wat i meant ! (Partitions) :(
    (i'm talking abt partitions c: , d: , e:) :??:
  5. so your computer works fine

    but when you go to "computer management' and click on 'disk management" the drives don't show up

    do you see the drives in my computer

    how many physical hard drives do you have and what partitions are supposed to be on each
  6. Yes u r ryt! :)

    yeah i can see the drives in 'My Computer' !

    i've 4 physical hard drives
  7. k physical drives and partitions are different things, i only say that cause you've mentioned both

    I've never seen drives show in my computer and not disk management what are you trying to do anyway
  8. I have USB and a Card reader that will not show up in dick management. My flash drives do not work nor does my (my book). HELP!!!

    My USB Mouse and Keyboard works fine.
  9. hey there! Rieger462,

    ok we dont know your PC specs - could you include them in your new post?

    and furthermore - how many harddrives do you have, and how many harddrives do you see in my computer?

    lol - dick management :S kewl typo
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