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I had one plain cd player, and one Cd burner, from my old system, and a cd burner that came with my new system, along with a dvd burner I bought for my newest system.
My newer computer just died, much like my old system, so I bought another.
This one came with a dvd burner and a blu ray player, and it's a micro case.
So now I've got not one, or two, bout rather FOUR spare disc drives.
I wonder how uncommon this is?
Does anyone else here have spare disc drives?
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  1. I always keep a few around for fixing friends computers
  2. i end up taking most of mine apart. granted most werent burners. At one point in time I had 11 spares. I still have 6 working drives.
  3. FYI,
    As new discs are released, they update the firmware for the drives so they can better burn the discs. Companies stop updating the firmware after a while.

    This means after a few years you may have to buy another burner even though the hardware is just fine and a firmware update would solve all the problems.

    Do other people agree that perhaps there should be a Windows software program that can be updated rather than relying on firmware within the drive?

    What a waste...
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