Ok I am a noob when it comes to SLI .. in a earlier post i asked if you can overclocking in SLI mode.. and was told yes .. so now my follow up question .. is there anything special i need to know or does both cards OC at the same time ?? any insite or advice would be great

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  1. Back when I ran SLI I just used the NVidia control panel (with coolbits to unlock OCing) and it OC'ed both cards at the same time. That was a couple of years ago though and I imagine the process has changed some.
  2. Yea, I think coolbits is obsolete by now. Although I once used it w/ my 7800GT. Um, I don't have a good answer for the OP's question, but my 9800GX2 overclocks both cores at the same time (using ATI tool OR Nvidia control panel) so I can imagine it will oc both at the same time, so long as you have SLI mode enabled. Hope that helps some.
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