Anyone try overclocking msi p35 neo2-fr w/E7300?

Anyone????????????? Im in the process of building one...
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  1. I've pushed my E2200 to 3.1ghz on that board.
  2. wow.... what was your setup? was it stable for you and what ram are you running?
  3. I did a 24hour prime95 & 8hour OCCT. Feels rock solid - I had to crank the voltage to a little less than 1.4 to stabilize it due to my high VID.

    310 FSB x 10 Multi = 3.1ghz with a 1:1.2 ram ratio (i could probably tighten this)

    I'm using 2 x 1gb PC6400 corsair XMS2 ram with stock timing. I think its 5-5-5-12 but, to my knowledge (and i haven't tried yet..) im not sure if the msi p35 board can adjust memory timings.

    I have 4 x 1gb sticks of PC8200 that I might try swapping with to see if I can push it any further.
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