finalizing build.. need some last minute help!

Well, I think I;ve done enough research and I;m about to finalize my build. I want to buy it somewhere next week. I really hope you guys can give me some last minute advice. The build is for hardcore gaming only. I;m not planning on adjusting this build in the next few years(maybe oc it when necesarry), but I'm not planning on buiying any new parts.. so it has to have sufficient power for a few years. I'm from Holland, and I'm buying all parts here(prices are from

GPU Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX 2x € 229,-
CPU Intel Duo E8500 € 289,-
PSU Corsair CMPSU-620HX € 119,-
CASE Antec 900 € 99,-
MOBO Asus Striker II Formula 780i € 239,-
HD WD SE16 750GB 2x € 119,-
RAM GeiL 4GB DDR2-1066 € 169,-
DVD Samsung SH-S202H €9.90
Moni Samsung SyncMaster245B € 359,-
Extra cooling?

Total: € 2088,90

My concerns are the following:
Is the CPU sufficient, or should I go for Quad for future gaming?
Is this SLI setup any good, or should i take a look at the..9800gx2? In combi with 790i mobo?
Do I need extra cooling?(think yes if I go OC?)
I'm having second thoughts about the RAM, GeiL any good?
What soundcard/speakers should i get?

PS: Take in mind I am NOT looking for a budget pc.. I want a very strong build so I dont have to tune it anytime soon(lazy... :P)

I really hope you guys can help me out.. Tnx for reading anyways :)
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  1. Get the PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W Quad Crossfire Edition.

    If you ever plan on overclocking, get a better CPU Cooler. The Zalman 9700 is a good choice. If you don't mind a little more work installing it, the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme (TRUE) is a very good choice. You will have to buy a fan to go with the TRUE, but it's worth the effort.
  2. I guess you can say that there isn't any such thing as future proving but at this point in time, I'd go with a quad as some of them are decently priced. The Q6600 is relatively cheap or if you want something a bit more up to date then the Q9450 is another possibility.

    I'd definitely go with an after market heat sink. I like the one I am using which is the Thermalright Ultima. It's a lot smaller than some other monsters out there and it can pretty much keep up with the big guns unless you push your CPU into its last trenches.

    I wouldn't buy any sound card. Nowadays, many people will tell you that the onboard sound card is good enough in most cases and unless you're an audiophile.

    I don't know what's Geil reputation at the present but back in the day they used to have pretty good product like the famous Gold Dragon. Anyways, if you're not sure this shouldn't be a problem since there is plenty of good brand to pick from, Corsair, OZC, Crucial just to name a few.

    I won't comment to much on SLI since I don't know much about it and never use it.

    I agree with the above poster, You might need a beefier PSU to run such a setup and the one is suggesting is a pretty good one.
  3. If you have the money, get an Asus Xonar D2, a 5.1 stereo receiver and a set of surround sound speakers in the € 200 - € 300 range.

    That will give you FANTASTIC sound that is going to make on board audio look like crap.

    If you want to move up higher, double or triple the speaker budget and get "proper" speakers (2 way or 3 way, not just cubes).
  4. tnx so much.. im certainly thinking about taking the Q9450.. still not sure though

    im taking the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme (TRUE) for sure.. tnx very much for your advice.. had no clue what to take. I asked some friends and they confirmed your comment.. that the ternalright is awesome(looks cool also imo) :P

    I did some research on the PSU you recommended(PC Power & Cooling..). It got some real nice reviews but it seems it doesnt supply 2x 12V connections for my 2xGTX.. any other suggestions?

    Im worried about the size though.. if I include the Thermalright, will this fit into the 900 casing or should i switch to a different case? Also, im still unsure about the SLI setup.. will the 2xGTX be 'future proof'?

    Further more, I'm not a audiophile, but I do like good sounds and I like the reviews about the Xonar D2, but I dont want it to take any RAM space.. will this be an issue with the Striker MOBO? You say take some nice speakers.. what speakers would you suggest(lets say €200/$300)?
  5. The PC P&C PSU Has a single large 12v rail. The 2x 12v rail means there are 2 12v rails will less amperage. That power supply can easily power an SLI setup. Check out this review.

    The TRUE will fit, but it's a tight fit. No side air ducts or fans will fit with it. However, with that cooler, you shouldn't need any.
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