Zalman 9700 & GA-EP35-DS3P Fan speed out of control?

Hello all,

Quick question regarding the fan speed control on my new PC. The components involved are:

- Intel Q6600
- Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3P
- 8GB Corsair RAM
- Zalman 9700 NT Cooler
- Vista Home Premium 64bit

I setup the new PC with all the components, left the "Automatic Fan speed control" in the BIOS to Enabled andControl Type on Auto. The CPU fan is constantly running at 1900-2000 RPM (quite loud).

When loading all 4 cores the fan speed remains the same (maybe raising 100rpm max). It seems that the motherboard PWM control is not controlling the fan?

When I set the Control Type to "voltage" instead of "PWM" the fan goes down to as low at 650rpm when the PC is idle, and kicks up to 1800rpm when the CPUs are in use.

I guess my questions are
- Can/should I set the CPU fan control back to PWM instead of voltage? Is there any difference in running one over the other?
- Any idea why the PWM control isnt working?
- Anyone else with a Zalman 9700 fan what is your RPM?
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  1. I am having a similar problem, although my fan is always at 2700+rpm. My Q9450 is overclocked to 3.2GHz on a EP45-DS3R board and I have the CPU Fan setting in the BIOS set to "auto." I never see the fan drop in rpms, and my temperatures are below 35C at idle. I just called Gigabyte and they weren't really any help. They say it is the CPU telling the Zalman to stay at that rpm. I think it might be because the Zalman might not be compatible with the BIOS control and that is why they supply the manual fan speed controller...which I didn't use. Anyone else with an opinion?
  2. bn - so what are you CPU temp readings at idle and under load?
  3. Just use the fan controller that came with it.

    Automatic fan control will not work because it only has a 3wire connector instead of four.
  4. I did not receive a fan control with my Zalman 9700LED? Should I have because I am facing the same problem, either I leave the fan at about 1100 so it is quiet, or I max it out at 2700 rpm to keep it cool.
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