RAID, Windows 2000 and ICH9R

I was going to buy a Gigabyte GA-EP35C-DS3R but noticed at the last minute that the page for that motherboard says:

Duo to chipset limitation, Intel ICH9R RAID driver does not support Windows 2000 operating system.

I was hoping to create a system with 3 x RAID 1 arrays (i.e. 3 x 2-drive mirrored pairs for C:, D:, and E: ) and want to use Windows 2000 Server for compatibility with other s/w, but seeing this has stopped me from ordering it.

Other boards (e.g. ASUS) with the ICH9R chipset don't carry a similar warning about RAID under Windows 2000, e.g.

This Expert's Exchange page (scroll to the bottom for the answer) says:

You probably already know this, but Intel shows support for Windows 2000 only through its ICH7 hubs.


The page above has this line:

"Note: This is the final version of Intel® Matrix Storage Manager with Microsoft Windows 2000* support."

However, Gigabyte shows a pre-installation ('press 6') driver for Win2k for their GA-P35-DS3P board, which uses the ICH9R hub

Usually the chipset drivers are provided by the board vendors and are specific to the board - you probably can't use a Gigabyte driver on a non-Gigabyte board.

... and I've got a box running Windows 2000 which uses an ASUS P5B Deluxe motherboard (ICH8R chipset) with 3 x RAID 1 arrays with the Matrix s/w and it seems to be fine.

Can anyone please clarify; if I were to buy the Gigabyte board and install the RAID driver on installation (i.e. "press F6") is it a non-issue? Or is it just an issue with Gigabyte boards, and could I buy another ASUS board without the same concern?

And for a bonus point... does anyone think the same issue would exist with a board with the ICH10R chipset?

Thank you for any help!
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  1. OK, I ended up buying the board and good news... it IS possible to use RAID on this board with Windows 2000 Server. Whilst the ASUS website warns that RAID under Windows 2000 Server doesn't work, it does.

    To create the RAID Driver Disk, from the GIGABYTE CD, run E:\BootDrv\MENU.EXE

    Select option G, "Intel Matrix Storage Manager 32 bit (Only ICH8R/Win2k)"

    Whilst it the option mentions ICH8R, it works fine with the ICH9R on the motherboard.

    When you are installing Windows 2000 Server, and you've pressed F6 to select the RAID driver, and it's reading the options off the disk, select the option:

    "Intel 82801HR/HH/HO SATA RAID Controller (Desktop ICH8R)"

    Once the install has finished you'll be able to install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager and configure the RAID set using it.

    I've tested it by (whilst shut down) disconnecting a drive. On boot, it lists the drive as missing. If you power down, reconnect the drive and reboot, you'll find that when in Windows, the Matrix Storage Manager will happily rebuild the array.

    Hope this helps!
  2. Hi!

    I'm having the same problem but with IDE HDs and a P35-DS3L mobo (ICH9, not ICH9R).
    The CD is supposed to have drivers but they can only be installed from inside Windows - meaning - I have to have Win2k installed in order to be able to install it! :sarcastic:
    I'm afraid to run the installer on another PC to try to get my hands on the damn files because I don't know exactly what it's going to do and it might jam yet another system. I tried getting the stand alone files files from the Intel site but they only have *.inf and *.cab files and I need a *.sys and *oem file to get it running from the floppy.
    I could scream right now!

    I tried your tip just for the sake of trying but this board doesn't support RAID, so...
    Ideas anyone?
  3. I remade Intel Matrix Storage Driver 7.6 for Windows 2000.

    This driver can be used for ICH6/7/8/9/10 on Windows 2000. :)
  4. Hi

    I Solved the problem!

    I follow the istruction of aidanwhitehall, it's ok BUT i had a real problem installing the Intel Storage Manager.... the only application that really works is IATA60_ENU that you can find

    This procedure works perfectly with ICHR9

  5. Hi,

    Glad I stumbled to this thread. I am trying to install Win2000 (regular) using RAID1 on my mITX mobo that has Intel Q35 & ICH9DO chipset.

    Like all noted previously, Win2000 does not have support for RAID function prior to ICH7.

    I tried using IATA60-ENU that Jackdovix provided but was unsuccessful (I get an error message).

    Are you guys setting up the RAID prior to OS installation? or afterwards under the Windows environment? If so, can anyone help guide me through?

    The most recent Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver from Intel's website for Win2000 is Ver: with support up to ICH7. For WinXP Pro it is Ver: but no 2000 support.

    Thanks for your help!!

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