Please help me choosing a power suply!!

I 've recently bought some parts to build my new system. Those parts are:

MSI P35 Neo-F
Intel Core™2 Quad Q6600@2.40 GHz
OCZ 4GB KIT 2X 2GB PC2 6400
WD Caviar® SE16 320 GB 7200rpm
XFX GeForce 8800GT XT Ed 512MB DDR3
Optiarc 20X DVD+/-RW/12X RAM SATA

I don't know which power supply should I use. How many watts should it be? I 've read something about how many amps the power supply should have but I don't understand many on this section.

I will have one external hard drive, usb mouse and keyboard, usb printer.

Can anyone help me what power supply I need?
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  1. a quality 400w 22 amp power supply unit or higher
  2. The one dirtmountain suggested is plenty. Its ok if you get a higher wattaged psu for future upgrades. I always look at the price, sometimes they run specials and make it cost effective to get more than you actually need and thats a bonus if you upgrade frequently.

    Id go with any psu corsair makes. There are other good psus but I prefer corsair.
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