How to enable remote desktop from remote


Ok, so I have netbook with a crack
LCD, can not see anything..

How the hack do I enable remote desktop without using it's local LCD..

I need two things done, enable remote desktop and second enable dual monitor mode, so I can connect external monitor to VGA port

Any Idea?
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  1. dont think that is possible (vulnerabilities, hackers, etc...)

    can you hook up your netbook to an external screen?
  2. Yes, I can connect the monitor, but as soon as windows XP starts up
    it goes away..I can see the netbook boot up and all on the external monitor
    but once the windows comes up, it goes black..

    That's the problem I need to fix..I guess I have setup something in
    Windows to accept the external monitor?

  3. yeah, you might have a function key setup to change displays
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