just got the custom water cooled system hooked up!

just got it all up and running last night, and I am loving it! The 9850 is over clocked to 2.9 stable with a bump in Vcore to 1.32. Temps are at 28C Idle. Next up will be to get the 4800 series Ati card and water cool it also. New pics are taken check them out guys! Batteries were dead thats why they were blury



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  1. learn to take photos first...
  2. lol

    Had you been drinking to celebrate when you took those?
  3. good one skittle,

    No no drinking, camera is a older one, my girlfriends dad gets home today with the good camera and I will take some in about an hour and post them. LOL. This new water system I put together kicks A$$! I had alittle trouble getting all the air out but I think I got most of it. I can not turn the swift tech 655 pump up all the way to five setting, it stops flowing but I can put it on 3-4 and it moves the coolant. Not sure whats up with that. With this set up I am only about 3C above room temp.
  4. new pics are up guys I edited my first post and the pics have been changed out. Let me know what you guys think.
  5. And to think people still argue air is better. Well done man!! Looks nuts!!
  6. Thanks Vertigon, My first water build and the only problem I ran into is that the thermaltake flow meter was stripped out where it hooks into the plastic and leaked right off the bat. I used some steel puddy from wal-mart and it fixed the problem. It is pretty nuts man, I used a bigger auto radiator instead of one off of danger den, so this thing is just awsome! The fan is a 12" Honey well I got at Target, that runs off of 110 volt, and it move some AIR! I was going to mount 4 12volt to it and put the Radiator on the side of the case but this worked out much better.
  7. Is that a samsung dvd drive?
  8. Why yes it is, a SATA one, got two of them of the egg and one at best buy.
  9. Ive got that DVD burner too......thats where our similarities end...but nice job.

    Personally I'm too cheap to get watercooling and too much of a wuss to actually put water(coolant even non conductive)in my case next to all my expensive parts. but thats just me. I don't even keep open drinks i.e. pop cans near my case.
  10. I ve got a little over $300 into it but I have extra parts and just need to pick up another pump and a cpu block for my 6400+ build with the 8800GTS 512mb and I ll have it water cooled also. I don't believe I will have any problems adding a GPU block to this loop or even two when I crossfire this system.
  11. Nah you won't with the setup you have you could cool the CPU,GPU, north and southbridge (if your pump pushes even remotely well). What sort of CPU waterblock did you get?Oh and make sure it's all lapped in properly, theres another -2 to -5 deg C for you.
  12. Lol. Water cooled 2.9. You sure know how to waste money. That extra 400MHz musta been hot!
  13. Vertigon,

    I have not lapped the 9850 yet because if I do the egg won't take it back if I have problems. Since this is the third 9850 I had to get from them, the other two had bad cores in them, I am waiting to see what happens. I went with a Swift tech CPU block off the egg for around $42.00


    Laugh all you like, but I don't consider water cooling a waste of money. I have been thinking about building a intel build, with the q6600 or with a little better quad from them, not sure yet, but the water cooler can be switched to any thing I want to build. I also have a dual 6400+be so I have many options on what I want to overclock now. I am just starting over clocking this 9850 and 2.9 is what its at for the moment. I want to get 3.2 stable which if I can figure out my 1066 ram settings I believe might be possible. So all in all I do not believe what I have spent on this custom setup is a waste, whats wrong roadrunner, are you still stuck on air??LOL.
  14. If I were to build a slow system like yours I'd use air. If I wanted to go over 4.0 I'd use water.

    To each his own. Have fun.
  15. well, this system isn't really all that slow road, It is slower then some of Insmells processors but like I said I am going to see just how far I can take this 9850 and that is going to require water cooling. If I get a Q6600 Or better from intel then I have a way to get it around 4ghz, so not a waste of money for me at all. Fun is my middle name Road, thanks for checking out my slow system< LOL.
  16. Sounds good have fun cranking her up.
  17. Vertigon said:
    And to think people still argue air is better. Well done man!! Looks nuts!!

    It is better in some ways, it cant LEAK and no medusas nest of tubing or fish tank pump noise. :P

    Even if it did leak, nothing would happen.
  18. I went with a Reserator XT, which was a good starting point, but I added a Swiftech Apogee GTX and switched the pump for a Laing DDC Ultra 18W with an XSPC top. I'll be changing the plumbing from 8/10mm to 1/2" soon, and will be running the XT's radiators in parallel, as they have a pretty small bore, at least until I can fit better rads into the XT case. I should be able to manage a ThermoChill PA120.1 and PA120.2 with a bit of cutting on one side. One side has to be a single as the flow meter is on that side.

    Water cooling is an investment that can be taken from one upgrade to the next, so long as you're not going crazy with GPU blocks (I've got a pair of full cover blocks for my GTS512s, that came to £120, but I'll probably OC the cards when I do the 1/2" + rad upgrade).

    9800GX2 blocks are almost as much as the cards.
  19. I am pretty happy with the investment and yes I can put it on any future builds. sounds good Polarity, let us know how it turns out.
  20. You still need to work on the photography skills. Better then the first set for sure but try more light in the room or add the flash. But you will love the watercooling, glad I made the change.
  21. You've got to encourage cooling and overclocking, the more people do it the cheaper it gets and the more hardware manufacturers cater to it. The copper HS's on my X48T get the mobo temp down to 7 degC which is amazing, then again the massive side fan in the cosmos does alot of work.Thermodynamic problems always end up in people buying sensors and storing tons of data. If you think rigging up a computer case is hard enough try a house. Thermal control.......ya baby!
  22. Stoner133,
    I will get my girlfriends dad's camera today and take some better pics for everyone. I have the 9850be overclocked to 2.9ghz, bumped the multi to 14.5 and dropped the ht link multi to 9 from 10. I also dropped the ram to 800mhz instead of 1066. No problems yet.

    Thanks xtlkxhom3r, I am happy with it for my first go around with water cooling. Let me know how yours turns out.


    Building custom homes is my day job, along with custom Granite contertops, custom furniture and alot of other things. I am building a earthship, with a Yurt I designed on top of the earthship, down in Bloomington Indiana on my 5 acres of land. Earthship, Yurt, sounds crazy right?? Well google it online if your interested but I is a rammed earth home made of tires, yes auto tires, LOL with a green house on the front of it facing the south east to get solar gain. It stays a consistant 58-60 degrees all year long, with very little heating or cooling running. It is mud or cement stoccoed on the inside and use's the concept of thermal mass, which the tire walls act as batteries instead of insulating 2x4 or 2x6 walls. I am very much into green building and design and should have it all built in about a year or two. If I keep building custom computers though it my be set back a bit, LOL.
  23. Hello everyone,

    Just an Update: I got the new Asus 79-T motherboard with the 790fx north and the 750 southbridge, and the 9850be is up to 3.2ghz stable, no problems at all. I might try to get alittle more out of it but really this was my goal along for the 9850be. I also put in 2 4870's and crossfired them.

    For any who said that this rig Is slow then you are mistaken, it is very fast and very responsive... and I believe this spider build was worth the money I paid puting it together.

    Thanks for all your response guys.
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