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I have two 8800 GTX cards which i want to be connected in SLI... here is the setup in the slots on my motherboard


[8800GTX] pcie - 2 slots

[TV Tuner (pci x1 connection)] pcie

[X-FI Card] pci

[8800GTX] pcie - 2 slots


i will post a picture of it on the next post.

My question is with the SLI bridge connected it sits on top of the sound card, i was wondering if this will damage either the SLI Bridge, any of the cards or worse.

Also would there be any better way of setting up all of my cards to fit better?

My other question is about the Tv Tuner card it doesnt touch the SLI Bridge but it's in the middle pcie slot, even though it's a pci x1 connection...

I read this from wiki...

a PCIe card will physically fit (and work correctly) in any slot that is at least as large as it is (e.g. an x1 sized card will work in any sized slot);
In both cases, PCIe will negotiate the highest mutually supported number of lanes.

The manual i got with my XFX 780i motherboard says this...
PCI Express x1 Slot
There is one PCI Express x1 slot that is designed to accommodate less
bandwidth-intensive cards, such as a modem or LAN card. The x1 slot provides
250 MB/sec bandwidth.
PCI Express x16 Slots
These three PCI Express x16 slots are reserved for graphics or video cards. The
bandwidth of the x16 slot is up to 4GB/sec (8GB/sec concurrent). The design
of this motherboard supports three PCI-Express graphics cards using
NVIDIA%u2019s SLI technology with multiple displays.
When installing a PCI Express x16 card, be sure the retention clip snaps and
locks the card into place. If the card is not seated properly, it could cause a
short across the pins. Secure the card%u2019s metal bracket to the chassis back panel
with the screw used to hold the blank cover.

So they appear to be comflicting, has anyone actually done this ? did it work? is there anything i can do?

please help me with both problems I will read back here before i continue my build later today.
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  1. here is a picture of my setup (note the motherboard is not yet attached to the motherboard tray, in this picture, but I do have it all connected right now with everything fitting)

  2. If it's not pressing against the center cards, and getting bent, it should be fine. Don't worry about it.
  3. Wow, talk about a "let's warm things up" senerio........
  4. What temps are you running under load on your GTX cards? Looks like you have restricted some airflow...
  5. Fortunately the fans are not blocked and the exhaust is outside of the case.
    You should be fine.
  6. It's a new build so i havnt had a chance to test out temps on the cards yet, I plan on doing that later today...

    anyone have an answer for my question above for the x1 tv tuner in the PCIe middle slot, on a xfx 780i board?
  7. I have a CM Stacker 830 evo so atleast I will have the 4 side panel fans bringing in air to help cool the cards, and the overall case. In addition to that i a fan on the front for intake, and top , and back for outtake.
  8. if i was you i'd switch all fans to outake as in a hot summers day your pc will be in envirostate being equal to the earths temp thus you want all heat exausted and disable fan monitoring bios configurations to off so as fan speeds are maximal overiding airflow at this point is ok aslong as your exaust fans are bigger than your cpufan/gcard fans you will achieve exaustion .120mm front and rear are crucial with side pannel fan , i run a zalman sideblower over corsair heatsinked dominator ram in a thermaltake soprano with 70* bios heat warning
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