XFX 8800GT 6 FPS for COD4, what gives

I moved all my hardware to a new mobo, Asus P5N-D 750i, and i added a new XFX 8800GT 512M. The old hardware is: patriot 4G 800mhz DDR2, 250G seagate sata 150 hd, pentium d 925, 500w antec basiq. The RAM & CPU is only 5 months old.

I installed a few AV and Antispyware programs and COD4. That's it. I tried playing COD4 and it is running at 6 fps with a few peeks at 20 fps. COD4 settings are 0-AA, 0-AF, 1024 x 768, everything else off or low.

The mobo seems to be runnin fine, but i am a noob with nice mobos. It could be some mobo setting, not sure.

Temps are all under 50C even under load. I didnt notice any burn smell or see burn marks.

Shouldn't this combo of mobo and 8800GT be running at 1600x1200 on high at 70FPS? What the hell?

The old hardware was on a HP with a 7600GT 256M and i was getting 50 FPS. Now this 8800GT can't get 10 FPS.

Any ideas where to start?
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  1. make sure you are using the latest drivers for the video card. Im assuming that the move to new hardware included a fresh OS install right? Also, you do have the 6 pin pcie connector plugged in?
  2. It could also be a driver issue, make sure you have the latest drivers and if you do you can try the previous version.
    Also, have you tried running anything else that might give you a clue about the source of the problem?

    For example, you could try a cpu benchmark to make sure it's not the cpu that is the problem, there could be something wrong with the cpu(some issue with the new motherboard)...
  3. I assumed he must have installed a new OS, since he mentioned installing only some AV and anti-spyware along with the game.
  4. Drivers: i tried the nvidia drivers that came on the disk and the newest from the nvidia site.

    OS: yes, new install of windows xp and sp2.

    plug: yes the 6 pin is plugged in.

    Could my PCIe slot be running wrong speed? how do i check that? I could not find it in the bios.
  5. @DiscoDuck got 3 valid points.

    my bet is in the 6 PIN PCIe connector. probably not plugged.
  6. @ Evil - I did notice the CPU running at 80-90%, but it was running fairly cool at around 50c. what else could i run to use as a comparison? I uninstalled the AV and AS and i still had the same 6-20 fps. I also turned off the firewall. same result.

    One thing i brought over from the old install was my COD4 profile and all its graphics settings. Could the old cod4 graphics settings cause a conflict?

    IF the 6pin wasn't plugged in, i thought it would not post at all.

    at lunch i will go home and make sure the 6 pin is pushed in all the way.
  7. Try another game.

    Download demos of the most recent/demanding games and compare your results; if it's just COD4 running uber slow, destroy game/profile/everything and re-install game.

    If it's ALL games that are uber slow, take card to friends house and test on his rig (or if you have a second rig, even better)... or better yet, get a friend with close to same hardware and tell him to bring his PC, so you can swap stuff in & out to find the culprit.
  8. Quote:
    One thing i brought over from the old install was my COD4 profile and all its graphics settings. Could the old cod4 graphics settings cause a conflict?

    @ Evil - what else could i run to use as a comparison?

    I aint evil, but today im having a slow work day.

    Doubt your cod profile is doing this. Download ·dmark and check if your 3dmark is much below the rest of the people with similar configuration. After the tests there is ussualy a table with rankings and stuff.

    If you got a problem with your GPU , 3dmark will surely show it.

    just go to www.futuremark.com and Dl 3dmark.
  9. cpu could be a bottleneck or PSu not strong enough. try a stronger psu.
  10. This PSU, 500w antec basiq, was pushing an ATI 3870 a few months ago. Any way to check the PSU?

    What about the PCIe speed? how can i check it?

    @ Radnor - I will try the 3dmark after work. Thanks.
  11. Even if your playing with the PCIe at 4x the results shouldnt be that low. I saw a review some time ago, it was in THG or Anadtech. Check the bios, you can probably configurate it there.

    About the PSU Check your mobo manufacturer, Asus has some nifty softwares for your mobo. Dl rivatuner or Ati tools to check you GPU values aswell. I guess you PSU should be fine. If the 3dmark results come okay, somethings fishy.
  12. It definately sounds like a driver problem, assuming the videocard is getting enough power. Make sure you install mobo chipset drivers first before you install any other drivers. Don't wory if you didn't. Just install the chipset drivers and then video, LAN, sound, etc. Also I remember a few builds ago that the Driver CD that came with my DFI NF3 board had GART drivers. Don't install these if you have them. They decreased my 3DMark performance by 30%.
  13. radnor said:
    ............. Dl rivatuner or Ati tools to check you GPU values aswell. ................

    I used ntune to check the GPU clocks. The clocks were 600/900(1800) just like advertised and the temp never got over 56c at load.
  14. IS this happening in JUST COD4? or all games?
  15. What I meant by that was, test your cpu so you make sure it's performance is where it should be. Like run one of the superPi benchmarks and compare it to that of another cpu similar to yours.

    I believe if you run 3dmark both the cpu and the gpu under-performing could pull your score down so you can't just point the finger at the gpu and not look elsewhere for potential problems.

    I don't think the cpu would bottle neck the system that much if it was running properly.
    Still, he should run some other games to make sure it's not some specific issue with COD4.
  16. It sounds like a hardware issue. Run 3Dmark06 your CPU should score ~1400-1600 marks but im not sure how a GT scores. But your overall score should be a absolute minimum of 6000 marks up to prolly 10,000 with that cpu.
    If you score too low try to reinstall the GPU drivers and run a few of those anti-virus and adware programs. If that doesnt work try a different GPU maybe yours came dead or close to it.

    YES, that CPU will bottleneck a GT...my friend is running a 640GTS and it has a serious bottleneck with an OC'ed 930. He still runs COD4 at max settings but the bottleneck is apparent when he gets some serious frame drops. I had a PD920 OC'ed to 4.0GHZ and it bottlenecked only one of my 3870s.
  17. It could be the game graphics profile. I had an issue with a game when I upgraded from my x1900xtx to a 8800GTS. I can't remember what game it was but I deleted an INI file and it was fine. I think it was Command and Conquer Generals. But still. That's why I asked if it was on all games.
  18. Hi Maybe you got one of those new video cards the chinese are making to look like other video cards, but really are they just a piece of junk which starts fires? Where did you purchase the video card?
  19. **Totally unrelated to topic**

    I was the one who bought that xtx off you for a friend. Runs pretty well overclocked to 650/850, I'm sure it can go higher.
    GoW, Bioshock, NFS:Carbon all smooth at 1280x1024 with settings maxed(No AA except for Carbon though).
    Now I'm thinking I should have waited though :P, 8800gt's are available at very resonable prices now.
  20. Who... ME!? The XTX w/ the Thermalright cooler I sold on eBay?

    Yeah and I bought a $300 8800GTS that I can now get for $230. haha. It never ends dude. I loved that card, but with my 22" it just wasn't cutting it in some games. WELL it played everything great, I just like to max everything.
  21. ok i went home for lunch and tried a few things.

    1. i uninstalled the 8800gt and installed my 7600gt. Same problem. The 7600gt does not require a 6 pin plug, so i think that eliminates the PSU as the problem.

    2. I cleaned up my COD4 player files, deleted the config settings. Same problem. I will try other games after work. But i dont think it is the game.

    3. when i reinstalled it, i completely uninstalled all nvidia drivers and installed the newest upon reinstalling the card. Same problem.

    4. I was watching the graph on the 2 cpus cores and one of them was 90% + and the other was 80% plus. So it might be the cpu.

    I will run another game after work and run 3dmark. I will also look for the bios settings for the PCIe speeds.

    The same CPU + 7600gt + a 4 year old mobo ran cod4 at 50-70fps. Why would it run under 30 with a better mobo and better GPU?
  22. I'd try resetting your mobo BIOS back to defaults and see what happens. Maybe there is a bad setting in there.

    So just sitting idle your CPU runs 80 and 90% on each core? I'd open Task Manager and see what processes are taking up the CPU cycles.
  23. yeah, i played with the bios before i installed cod4, but i didnt save it. At least i think i didnt. So, that will something i try first off when i get home.
  24. Theres something wrong, as one of these competes a lil with that card http://arstechnica.com/reviews/hardware/amd-780g-chipset-review.ars/4 and thats not good. When your processor was running 90%, were you using window drivers, as theyll cause a major drag on your system. Check out your card thouroughly, make sure theres nothing in the fan, all your pci connects are clean etc, and reseat it, also check your 6 pin, make sure its not broken, or bad connect.
  25. i tried 2 graphics cards. the 8800gt and a 7600gt. Both with clean new drivers. Maybe i need to roll back to an older driver. The 7600 does not have a 6 pin plug, but it has the same problem. The 7600 was running cod4 at 50-70fps with the same cpu on another mobo and the same drivers. It is starting to look like a mobo problem.
  26. Sorry if this was said before, but I just skimmed through this thread. Did you install the motherboard drivers? The ones on the CD that came with your motherboard? If not, it could produce results like this. Make sure in device manager you have no "unknown" devices or something that doesn't look right.
  27. ^
    Good call on the mobo drivers. Some of them add drivers for PCI-E 2.0 and such.
  28. Ok, I hate to say it, but someone has to break the news to you...

    There is a possibility that the thing is possessed... I'm sorry, there is nothing we can do about such a serious case.
    However, because I am such a nice guy, I'll take that whole wretched thing that causes you so much pain off your hands, I'll even give you $60 to help fill that void in your heart.
  29. well, i reset my bios to defaults, i made sure all the plugs were in, i installed all the correct mobo and card drivers, i installed bf2142 same problem.

    This set up should run a hell of a lot bett than this. I have a feeling it is all getting RMA'd this week.

    I dont think it is worth trying 3dmark or any thing else. It should have worked much better than this on first boot.

    unless anyone has any other ideas, i am RMAing it tomorrow.
  30. I still think your missing something, somewhere. Usually when a card is the problem, you will see graphical anomalies or it just plain won't work. You should still run 3dmark; it will break down your performance into more specific areas (mainly to see if it's a CPU or GPU problem..).
  31. What about your CPU temps?

    Two different video cards experiencing the same behavior...if your CPU's overheating, then it will throttle the entire system, including your video card.

    That happened to me with my Q6600, 8 GB RAM, MSI P6N SLI Vista x64 rig when the CPU stock fan had too much dust/cat hair. Replaced it with a Zalman = problem solved!
  32. I am downloading 3dmark now. I will try it before i eat a $50 restocking fee.

    Killer. i built this with all new fans and used air to clean all older parts before i built. The temps have all been real cool. Everest, asus tools and ntune showed all temps staying around or below 50c. The 8800Gt never got over 56c at its highest. The CPU stayed under 50C at load.

    The CPU may be the problem, but i dont think heat is the cause.
  33. I'd be pretty mad if I was you.
    I'm stumped..

    Try resetting the bios back to factory defaults. Find it there are any upgrades for it.
    Try running a memtest...i meant, it's the only thing you haven't tried. They've been the constant through all of this.

    Then i'd RMA the board, if nothing shows.
  34. The RAM, CPU, 7600GT, psu, HD all worked perfect before i put them on this mobo with the 8800gt.

    should i flash the newest bios. I dont see how that would help since i have a cpu and vid card that are supported in my current bios.

    I have tried the newest nvidia video and mobo drivers.
  35. Ok this is embarrassing. here are the 3dmark scores using the 3dmark06 trial version:

    3dmark score - 2332
    sm 2.0 score - 973
    sm 3.0 score - 1229
    CPU score - 500

    Does that point out anything specific other than my pc sucks. New Asus P5N-D and new 8800GT with 6 month patriot 800mhz ddr2.
  36. CPU seems low to me?
  37. 50bmg said:
    Ok this is embarrassing. here are the 3dmark scores using the 3dmark06 trial version:

    3dmark score - 2332
    sm 2.0 score - 973
    sm 3.0 score - 1229
    CPU score - 500

    Does that point out anything specific other than my pc sucks. New Asus P5N-D and new 8800GT with 6 month patriot 800mhz ddr2.

    Back up all important data and do a format/reinstall of windows, then install drivers and run 3D mark BEFORE installing anti virus/antispyware, oh and it goes without saying but I'll say it anyway, do not have network/modem plugged in whilst doing the above.
  38. thanks guys for all your help and tips. BUT..............

    before the 3dmark test i tried another cpu and different ram. Same problems.

    I tried another vid card on the new asus mobo, i got the same 10 fps on both cod4 and bf2142.

    I tried the Vid card on another machine, it gave small dots everywhere.

    after the 3dmark tests i started seeing spots in the start up Asus splash. shortly after that i started noticing spikes in cpu and ram. It wasnt much longer after that, i started getting blue screens. The system crashed so fast i never could read the blue screen error. the system would not boot after the second crast. before the second crash i the screen went black with a big white square and a big loud single deep toned beep.

    considering the video card would not work on either mobo it had issues.

    the mobo wouldnt work with any hardware.

    what are the odds of getting 2 lemons in one order.

    At least New Egg waved my restocking fee.

    What the hell did i do to deserve this? LOL.
  39. 50bmg said:

    What the hell did i do to deserve this? LOL.

    Nothing, it happens. Welcome to the 21st century where quality standards assume a certain margin for bad products to keep cost to a minimum and allow them to keep their prices competitive.
  40. now i am scared to order another P5N-D. Should i try again? I liked the mobo. Its layout and bios were very nice. I am on a budget, so i want a 45nm capable mobo with PCIe 2.0, but i dont want to spend $250 for a 780i.

    I figure i should order just the mobo this time and the vid card later.
  41. You probably just had a bad one. Id order a replacement
  42. since i RMA'd the Asus P5N-D, i have read recent reviews with others getting the BSOD NV4_disp error. This mobo seems to have a bug. I didnt see it before i ordered it, so maybe it is a version thing.

    I am going to hold off on a mobo for a couple of weeks and read about some other mobos. Maybe the evga or the xfx 750i. The MSI 750i board has a lot of complaints about the memory clips being to close to the video card. Way to close.
  43. Are you looking to SLI ever or would a single PCI-E slot work for you? just curious.
  44. I would like the future proof option of SLI. 2 PCIe slots would be enough. I doubt i would ever go tri-sli, $$$. Truly, i would probably buy up to a single X2 vid card befoer i would go SLI, but the option would be nice.

    I had just decided to go with the 780i, until i starting reading that all the 7xxi series boards are having some trouble. I want to stay with nvidia chipsets. I may just upgrade my vid card and wait a while on the mobo. Let some of these new chipset's drivers and bios mature a while.

    So with that said, back to the recent arguement of stick with an 8800GT or go with a 9600GT or 3870. I had a 3870 recently and i liked it, but my research has lead me to thinking that SLI is a better system over Xfire.
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