Extra storage for laptop - is internal or external better?

Yo, im getting a laptop with a 320 GB hard disk drive, the HP 1125 ee, here's the link:-


but i want a larger disk drive, so:-
1 - would it be cheaper to change it to a larger hard drive? OR:-
2 - buy an external hard drive with an E-SATA interface? OR:-
3 - if option 2 is expensive, would it be cheaper to buy an INTERNAL DESKTOP hard drive that uses a SATA interface, and get a SATA-TO-ESATA adaptor?
4 - any other suggestions?

P.S. - i dont want an external drive with a USB interface as its just too slow for me...

so, what do u guys think?...
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  1. considering that the largest laptop drive today is 500GB, i would suggest getting a 3.5" drive and getting a nice enclosure for it. esata capable one of course
  2. u mean an internal desktop drive, and putting it in an external enclosure with an esata interface?
  3. thats correct

    heres one that isn't to bad. not experience with this one myself but have heard good things
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