New PSU needed

Hi all. Having an issue with my comp, and my friends are pointing the finger at my PSU, so I figured i'd ask a question or two..
I'm primarily using my machine for gaming, and in comparing my fps to others, even though my system is better, they seem to be getting better fps than myself.

Are they correct in saying that my PSU should be considerably more than the 420W PSU provided?

Q6600 2.4 (not currently OC'd, but I wouldn't mind doing that in future - I understand this usually requires a beefier PSU)
8800GTS 640 (I understand that this requires 300W for itself)
3 gig DDR2 ram (4 DIMM - 2x1gig, 2x512mb)
2 500gig seagate drives
1 TV Tuner
1 WLAN card which is used & always on

I started researching a few PSUs, and would prefer something modular as it looks like it would last longer through upgrades, etc.
Can you recommend any good PSUs? Cost really isn't an issue, as I'd prefer not to have to upgrade it again for quite a few years.
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