Lower than normal (at stock) Benchmark Scores

I usually get right above 8000 in PCMark05 System suite test, with the cpu at stock. But Now im getting 6127 at stock. Now i've had some on other forums tell me to get a new PSU. And some have said I'm only using 400+w with the following specs:
Q6600 Kentsfield GO Stepping 90w
Asus P5Q-E
EVGA 8800GT 512MB Superclocked
2 SATA HD's- WD raptor 79G and WD Caviar Black 500G
2 IDE DVD/CD-ROM drives
Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Gamer Fatality Edition
3 120mm fans on the mobo headers and 3 120mm and 1 200mm fans on the PSU
Antec Tru Power Trio 550w
Now of course I know these PSU calculators aren't acurate but they do give me roughly the same as what some other people have told me 400+ watts. Now I'm getting these horrible scores int the Grpahics suite my 8800GT is only scoring 3100 ither people are getting on average 5000. I checked for loose pins and have checked all my connections. My CPU test suite gives me a score of 9000+ at stock, so I think it's my power supply to my graphics card. I've tried both of my PCIE Connectors by the way.

I'm totaly stumped and will have no money any time soon for a $120 Corsair 750TX I want.
Any body got any ideasU
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  1. It was driver problems. These new 180 version nvidia drivers just kill my GPU's speed on this system for some reason. Am now using 178.24 PCMark05 Graphics score went up from 3000 to 15000!
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