"Disk Boot Failure, Insert Sytem Disk and Press Enter" IDE problem

Hi I've got a Gigabyte EP45-UD3r motherboard and I get this error whenever I don't have my SATA drive connected. That drive boots up fine every time, and Windows 7 can access my two IDE drives when they are connected, as well, but I can't boot from them. No matter what I do. I've even changed the boot order to CD, CD, CD and it won't even boot from my CD-Rom even though both IDE drives are running ( I can feel them) and the CD drive works fine. What am I missing that is causing this error?

I look in the Bios and the only drive that ever shows up is the SATA drive, under the IDE settings and whatnot, the IDE drives never show up. One is NTFS but is empty the other is FAT i think with Ubuntu.
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  1. Could be a loose or faulty IDE cable, or the HD jumpers are not set correctly.
  2. I know its not the jumpers because the CD Rom drive doesn't even get booted to when that's the only thing connected, and it doesn't require any jumpers.
  3. Not the cable either. Tried it with one I've been using for years and same issue. Could it be Bios related? I can't imagine why it wouldn't let the computer see or boot from anyy IDE device.
  4. Could it be a defective motherboard? should I consider returning it?
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