Why my pc always freeze???? even fresh from formaT? hardware defect??

Is there a software or bootable file that can check all of my hardware in my motherboard if there are some defect?? please.. help..

Why my computer freezes randomly but more on while viewing webcams and with audio chatting? ?
What might be the problem?
it also freezes while idle because i live my computer downloading some file and when i come back, i cant move the mouse..

sometimes, after restart from being freeze, i cant move the mouse(its not freeze) but the keyboard is working so i must restart it again like a new mouse has been inserted.

i already spyware, malware and anti virus. and for me to be sure, i already formatted it. but while installing firefox, it freezes again.

i think i have hardware problems, but if i have a defective hardware, do you think i can boot up my pc??

what do u think is the problem???

sometimes blue screen after freezing.

any suggestions??

Additional Details

it also freezes while we dont have internet conection.

my pc:
dual core 1.8ghrz
geforce 9600gso 384mb 192bit
2.5gig ram
80gig hd

2 days ago
i have two ram modules, one 512mb ddr2 667 and 2 gig 667. i already tested both by removing 1 of them. in 512mb mb only, my pc freezes. in 2 gig , my pc also freezes. and in both , freeze again. every time i set the modules, i monitor my pc for a week. i dont think that that might me the problem.

sorry from my grammar. im not really good in english eheh...
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  1. freezing is normally due to bad/unstable memory

    download memtest86

    put it on a floppydisk or a bootable cd/dvd

    and let that fun for a as long as possible 6 hours+

    and then tell us the results

    also check that everything is up todate gpu, mobo, windows, bios
  2. good day!im frm philippines..3 major conflict of hardware,why cpu turn in blue screen,and freeze...1st,memory module.. 2nd,harddrive..3rd video gaphics adapter,,,try to change the following hardware..
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