Dell 500GB 7200rpm HDD vs 256GB SSD

How can the SSD be faster than the HDD, if the SSD interface is ATA-150 and the HDD interface is ATA-300 ?

What types of operations would take significantly longer e.g. search/read/write/delete, and to what extent would this be likely to be noticed under normal circumstances ...
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  1. if you get an ssd with a good controler then ull see some real advantages no hdd reaches even 150MB\s , the ssd would more than likely reach its peak bandwith of 150 some ssds can even reach 280MB\s no hdd can even hope for that, untill next gen hard rectangular drives
  2. How can a car be faster on a 150KM/h road, than walking on another road that has a speed limit 300KM/h? Answer to this question will also answer yours. :)

    The truth is, that HDDs can't even get to 3MB/s when doing complicated I/O such as booting/application loading etc. HDD can only be fast if it reads "sequential" like when reading a large file. An SSD can be fast with complicated or "random" I/O. Thats why SSDs boot much faster than HDDs.

    Modern SSDs like Intel X25-M and OCZ Vertex are SATA/300 though. And when reading you may get close to this.
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