Connecting an old DVR to protected wireless network

Hello forums,

I have an old DVR that I would like to connect to my new wireless network. Up until recently my wireless network was always open to the public and unencrypted, but a recent change in hardware prompted me to add some wifi protection. All devices in the home had no problem with this except for the DVR. It has been connecting through a wireless bridge since the DVR is only able to "see" ethernet connections.

As this is the case, there is no menu in which to set the WEP/WPA passkey for the DVR to connect. Is there any way to make this work?

The only possible solution I've thought of is to set my router to "open" again, but use strict mac-address filtering.

Any and all help is much appreciated!!

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  1. If the devices are quite old may not support either WEP or WPA -- if 802.11b may support WEP but may slow the wireless network down for more recent 11g gear.

    From the sound of it MAC filtering may be your only answer -- though it's vulnerable to spoofing.
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