Message shows Hard Disk need formating

My PC suddenly could not boot and I used a Bootable CD to boot and found that the system say my hard disk is not mount.

I took out the hard-drive and put it into a USB mobile rack, and my laptop also say hard disk need to be formatted.

I have lots of important data inside, how to retrieve it because formatting the hard-disk will erare everything inside...

Anyone has solution?
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  1. I'm not familiar with any disk recovery software out there... maybe you can look through this forum and see what people say?
  2. You can send it out to a service. Google "disk data recovery services". Not cheap.
  3. another option is Google hard drive re generator. it is a shareware program that will fix bad sectors of a hard drive and keep the data intact. you just install the program on a bootable disk and it will find your drive and give you the option to repair it. there is also another program you can purchase called "Spinrite" that is good for recovering a bad hard drive too
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