Asus board frying processors?

So, I built a system earlier this month, and here's the specs:

CPU: Intel Xeon 3110
Motherboard: Asus Striker II Formula
Memory: OCZ Reaper PC- 8400
GPU: BFG GeForce 9800 GX2
Case & PSU's: Antec P190 with Neo-Link 1100 Watt dual power supply system(650 watt and 450 watt)

along with a couple hardrives and dvd drives. So: after 2 hours of being up and running the computer seized up and wouldn't post. After a good deal of grief, I finally took it in and they found the processor was dead. Got a new processor and it has been running good for a couple weeks, but then yesterday it did the exact same thing. Tried all the clear cmos methods and a bunch of other stuff but it never gets past CPU initilization (CPU INIT on the LED poster). I took the processor in to get tested, which I should hear back on in a couple days, so I'm wondering: Can a bad motherboard fry a processor, or is there something else in my setup that could be frying the processor?
P.S. I have not overclocked the system and if I remember right, the cpu voltage was 1.21V when I looked but I can't remember for sure(which is well under the 1.45V max intel has listed) Thanks for any help.

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  1. Yes, if overvoltage.

    The question is does the bios on the mobo support this cpu?
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