Readynas pro pioneer vs WD sharespace

Hello all

I have need of sorting out my external hard drives (currently have 7 TB hanging off my home computer) all full of movies, photos etc

I need to rationalize and protect

I saw an advert for sharespace 8TB and thought "great that will sort me out"

unfortunately I then read on and on and found the readynas pro pioneer
and it is suggested they are not in the same game

so now I am thinking readynas pro pioneer and 6 drives

I was thinking 2 TB drives but I have been told that drives above 1 TB are very unreliable

what do people suggest ???

I was not thinking of building my own system to do all this

am I wasting the money on the readynas?
should I go for the cheaper WD sharespace; uses raid 5/6
so if a drive or two fail I should be safe

can I tie two Sharespace or readynas together to give me more as I already have filled 7 TB and with the raid systems I understand I will have loss due to the backup

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  1. Well, you've already bought the NAS, so it should be "wasted" not "wasting". That doesn't mean you're really wasting money on the NAS though. Even if you're apparently only using it back up the files on only one computer, that's still 8TB of back up space!

    Stick with what you have man.
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