Need help badly (Memory speed verification)

I overclocked...overclocked...and overclocked until the CPU (q6600) is stable at 3.2 through intensive stress-test and left it that way for over a year. Now that I'm back to PC gaming, bought new graphics card, and start doing the benchmarking again. I realize that 3dmark06 and 3dMarkVantage shows that my memory are 800Mhz, which I have always thought it should be a lot higher. Below are the links to the memory pieces that I ordered in the past (now that I'm checking again after a price has gone down so bad):

Anyway, the specs stated that this memory 1066. I don't know why 3Dmark has the system details that way. Do you guys think that I'm messed-up the memory speed while overclocking my CPU a year ago? Below are the system info from CPU-z 1.47, which has the memory listed at 534 mhz (since it's DDR2, I multiply that by 2 ~= 1068 mhz ??)
Please give me some inputs on your thoughts and maybe some suggestions also.

Thanks all.
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  1. Yes that's 1068MHZ

    3DMark06 always shows my cpu wrong because I use an 8 multiplier for my q6600. I really wouldn't take much stock in what those programs say.

    CPU-Z is good however...
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