abit ip35 pro off limits wierd beeping.


I have alittlebit off an issue :S.

I just bought a new computer (or new computer parts to make a computer to be more specific).
I had a friend help me with it and when we had installed everything it started beeping just like dee doo dee doo and so on.
Everything with windows and that is working ok just got the beeping, but.
When i turn on bios and check the temps on the cpu it shows 3 degrees wich i think it rather low.

There is one thread i've seen about this kind of stuff but the thing that makes me worry is just that

And so i started the comp thinkin it would go fine with the beeping and then when downloading some basic stuff like winamp and such, i got a bluescreen. i have some sort of idea that it might be overheating.
Can someone help me? It would be very much appreciated:)

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  1. Big brothers are watching you... Run!! :D

    I suspect something else. My pc which has most every same part except for the mobo beeps. Turns out it's my wifi card.

    Are you sure the sound comes from the tiny speaker?

    Google memtest, write the iso to a disk, & boot it up for 1-5 passes.
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