ARMORSUIT PC-P80R Spider Edition - OMG!

Ok so I love my Lian-Li cases and hadn't checked out there sight until recently when I decided I neded to rebuild my computer. I have fallen in love with this new case that they showed at the CES 2008.

I must have it, I know it will cost close to $600 but I just think it looks wicked and Lian-Li make the easiest cases to work with too. What do you guys think?
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  1. Nice case, buy the retail, buy a dremel, buy red fans, and buy red paint, save $100-$200.

    Anyway, if you want to spend $600 on that thing, than more power to you, Lian-Li will serve you very well.
  2. So I gather you've read this then?

    It's a pity your build has a NVIDIA graphics card and motherboard.
    You should go X48 and CrossFire with a case this red. :)
    Expensive but if you like it go for it.
  3. :bounce: Yeah Nvidia is the way to go I think, but I might have to rebudget for this case, I decided to give my current rig to my wife's little bro and so I need a new case that will last me. My thinking is, why not spend the extra money and get a case I can keep for a long time, looks sweet and has everything I need.

    I looked around the net for pricing and the normal PC-80 is around $500 here in Japan, I found some sights go up to $800 on pre-ordering for the R Spider model. One place has it for about $650 though and if that is the case (pun intended), then I will pick it up and close my close my eyes while trying not to feel guilty about it. :pt1cable:

    On a side note, Do you think it would be silly of me to get the new Ati card coming out or should I stick to the next gen nvidia goodness?
  4. 2 things: First, before you buy make sure where you buy from will allow you to get a refund if you don't like it. Second, just wait a bit and see if the PC-60 version comes out, it is the same as the PC-80 but slightly smaller and a good bit cheaper, same cooling system too.
  5. Who knows? If the 4870's performance is near that of the GTX260 or even GTX280 then definately go for the 4870, and if the 4870 X2 performs real well get that. Thing is, Nvidia's new cards are supposed to be very expensive (GTX260 $500/ GTX280 $700) and the 4870 is supposed to be $300 and the 4870 X2 $500. Comes down to diminishing returns, the Nvidia cards most likely wont be that much faster than ATI's but ATI's will be MUCH cheaper. I am rooting for ATI so I can finally toss Nvidia's subpar chipsets all together and go for the X38/X48 goodness!
  6. Yeah I saw the PC-60 model but I thought it was better to go with full ATX tower for better air circulation? I wonder if the PC-60R would come with the four holes at the back for the water cooling unit?

    I am seriously thinking about getting this thing, although my budget will be blow to pieces, around the $3,000-$3,500 mark.

    But this thing is so sweet, it is like the ferrari of cases. I tried looking for a place that makes custom modded cases to order and ship internationally after I saw the linked review from Andrius. But alas, I couldn't find anything I liked, tons of sites for lighting etc with cathodes and UV kits but not customized like this.

    I was also looking into getting a standard Lian-Li case and getting it anodized/ airbrushed, anyone know where to get this done? I live in Japan and space is so small so I can't really air brush or even mod my case unless I did it in the living room!
  7. I'm sure Japan has auto body shops, see if they will do it, the holes and cutting you can easily do yourself. I'll post some other cases you might like to save cash.
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