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Hi all,

First time posting anything anywhere !!

I have recently finished assembling a PC for the very first time ( air cooled, too chicken to try water cooled ) ( my old one was bought off the shelf year 2000). After trawling thru the net, I jumped in and decided to overclock my system. I couldn't get the exact info I was looking for so there was a lot of trial and error ( encountered a lot of BSODs !! ....hate them...) Since then, I have a working and stable system now that I'm happy with.

Query please; even when the system was at stock speed, Core0 & Core1 registered about 8~10C higher. Now that it's overclocked, the idle temp hovers between 45~47C for them and 36~38C for Core2 & Core3.

Can someone help me get this right please? I have seen other people posting their readings which are much lower. I truly appreciate any helpful reply. My system specs are as follows :

Case > Antec 1200
CPU > Intel Q6600 ~ clocked at 3GHz
MoBo > ASUS Maximus II Formula
Video > ASUS 9800GTX DK (512MB)
RAM > OCZ Reaper DDR2 PC2-8500 HPC Edition (2GB)
Cooler > Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme , with 120mm fan attached
PSU > Corsair HX620
XiFi sound card, 640GB WesternDig HDD & 2 optical drives.

Thank you.


ps OS is win xp home
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  1. Welcome to the interwebs, may your posting be fun and informative.

    Maybe the thermal paste was applied incorrectly? Or of a poopy brand? Not sure if Thermalright includes paste or not.

    There is a web page by a paste manufacturer (think its arctic silver) that shows how to put the paste on for each different CPU (yeah, its actually different, crazy).
  2. Oh yeah, are those speeds idle, or when the CPU is seeing a lot of usage? Run hyperPI or such to get a load on it.

    Some others see much lower temps because they have air conditioning or live in south Dakota. And in my opinion, the only thing odd about your temps are that they are just a little too far apart for me to consider normal.
  3. Some differences between the cores are normal, because some are closer to the thermal sensor. I'm getting 5 degrees differences, with my Q6600, and it's been working perfectly for a year and a half already.

    Your temps are reasonable, especially if your room temperature is 25C or more.

    Here's a quote from Newegg:


    Pros: How can you go wrong with this? Look at the reviews! It's flawless!

    I've had it since June 07, OC'ed since day one with absolutely no problems. Overclocking this chip was extremely easy, even as a first timer. Took me less than two hours to find the best stable clock speed/voltage level for me. Right now it's running at 3.475GHz with 1.42V and reaches 60 degrees in the winter time and 73 degrees in the summer time.

    I run the F@H SMP client 24/7/365, so my load temps are also my idle temps. With a Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme and a Scythe E fan, it's nice and quiet. The reliability on this chip is simply amazing.

    I paid $279.99 for it over a year ago. Even now, I'd pay that much for this, in a heartbeat--it's really that good.

    Cons: Absolutely nothing.
  4. ok....I didn't know that room temp affects a PC core temp..

    The Thermalright cooler did come with its own paste but I was advised by the shop guy that Arctic Silver was a better TIM so I went with that. In any case, I am reapplying it in case I didn't do it right the first time round.

    If the temp remains about the same after this, I'll put it down to the climate here (Singapore...averaging about 26~32C now i guess) and just be thankful that the system works fine and is stable.

    Thank you for your input.
  5. Thanks to Festerovic & Aevm. Just wanted to give you an update. After reapplying the TIM a few days ago, I ran the tests again and the temps have improved. Core0/1 now idle at 42~44C and max out when 100% load at identical 62C {down from 67~68C}. Core2/3 now idle at 36~37C and max out on 100% load at identical 55C { down from 58~59C}. I'm a happier guy......
  6. Great!

    Did you put more or less paste this time, any idea?
  7. Definitely less....I must have put a tad too much the first time round so it probably bolcked the heat rather than transferred it to the cooler....
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